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HI. It's Lindsay here from Spanking Secrets. Messed up big time yesterday. Forgot to post some important letters for Nick, my business partner. He wasn't happy. He told me to lift my dress, take off my panties and bend over the office desk. Then, he thrashed me with a leather tawse on my bare bottom. Thirty strokes of that thing he gave me - god, it hurt. My bottom was painfully sore for hours afterwards; in fact, I'm still finding it hard to sit down today. I think I'd rather been caned on my bottom than that thing. We'll see. . .no doubt I'll do something wrong again and my poor bare bottom will pay for it. . !

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HI. It's Lindsay here from Spanking Secrets. Messed up big time yesterday. Forgot to post some important letters for Nick, my business partner. He wasn't happy. He told me to lift my dress, take off my panties and bend over the office desk. Then, he thrashed me with a leather tawse on my bare bottom. Thirty strokes of that thing he gave me - god, it hurt. My bottom was painfully sore for hours afterwards; in fact, I'm still finding it hard to sit down today. I think I'd rather been caned on my bottom than that thing. We'll see. . .no doubt I'll do something wrong again and my poor bare bottom will pay for it. . !

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Hi folks, hope all my spanking pals are well and enjoying themselves. I'm not on here so much any more but I have news, good news. No, it's not job related (I am back looking! It's sooo tiresome). But I have met a nice new person and I don't know if I mentioned him, but anyway, it was all very innocent, wasn't looking for a spanker (think that narrows down the field so much). But met this person, we both clearly fancied each other, did the whole dancing around and working out if he actually fancied me, realised he did, luckily he said something...

Then GUESS WHAT it only goes and turns out he is well into spanking as well! What are the chances?! I mean I literally don't know but I don't think they are high. So it was amazing to realise he was dropping hints about spanking and I came out and said "But I'm really into that too. Did you know?!" of course he didn't know, so it was a really cool discovery.

And so, friends, you are dying to know, have we shared our spanking fascination together? I am glad to say yes, and I am glad to say it is a two-way thing so I too will get the pleasure of smacking a (very nice) bottom. As for him, he said he hasn't really given a "proper" spanking above a few pats before, but has clearly always been into it - and lo and behold, he is a natural. So my first spanking from him was fabulous, I was slightly worried that maybe he'd be too gentle and I would have to say, you can spank harder you know, but I had simply no need. He got on with it and spanked pretty hard, some intense smacks landed on my poor bum and I reached the point where I genuinely didn't fancy taking any more! So it was a really lovely spanking. I've been feeling the delicious after effects ever since, a nice glow, a dull ache... And promise of more, which is even more heavenly. Promise in fact of as much as I want, which is just perfect, cos I always want more.

We're talking of filming future sessions - perhaps a little time off from now you know, once things have developed naturally. But how cool would that be? I've always wanted to film sessions, you missed out on the Ruby ones, but this could work really well (specially as he can work a camera, unlike me) so just think, you too could share in our wonderful experiences. I can't wait. I am a happy girl :-)


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Question to those who have experience with the Spencer Paddle - What impact, pun intended, does it have on your behavior? How many spanks are necessary to be most effective? How many are too many? In my case I find that the punishment only begins to be effective until I'm begging for it to stop. I love the little marks it leaves on a naughty bottom. How long do they last? Do they change color? I'd love for those who get a peek of a well spaked bottom to be instantly aware that a Spencer was used. I'm thinking of getting one of these awesome tools and need some advice.

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when all the family goes on holiday and we Brothers misbehave our Dad takes pleasure in spanking us with his slipper or his Paddle or now as we are getting older the belt

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Hello Spanking World! So I have a good question for everybody!

For the Daddys, Doms, Disciplinarians, Etc.:

What was the worst offense you've ever had to punish for? What was your implement of choice? Care to indulge our curiosities of at least a portion of the punishment you dished out? Did you make sure it would never be repeated ever again?

For the bottoms, subs, spankees, etc.:
What was the worst thing you've ever been caught doing or called out on? Was your punishment fitting? Would you ever do it again? Is there anything you've done or haven't done in the past that you wished you'd have gotten caught at and punished for?

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Why is it the oldest son gets away when he's done something wrong and the same for the youngest why is it the middle son like me gets spanked by the parents its just not fair all life sucks

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I have never been spanked until I was eighteen and boy it was some spanking it was if my dad has chalked up all my bad behaviour as I was growing up and then unleashed the overdue spankings.

I get spanked now for small things which is okay I did misbehave

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So tonight I finally got my mouth soaping that I have had coming for the past two and half weeks My language has been horrible using the "F" word A LOT, back talking and telling him no during punishments or when I don't want to do something. So I got a new bar of soap on my way home today and when I got home it was run though my mouth 4 times and I had to sit in my mouth for 4mins. My mouth still taste bad but I am already starting to work on it. I have been trying to work on it for a little while it just slips out sometimes.
Thank you DarkMagic for my soaping! I love you to the moon and back!

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We have started on our journey together to share with all our disciplinary life-style. I know our first video had many things that need to be changed, but we will be making more so all can see my naked bottom being blistered. Please let us know what type of instruments that I need to have administered to my bottom, so we can ensure that everyone gets to see what they want.


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There will be no serious talk this weekend as planned...

"Daddys" ex phoned last night.. she just learned she has breast cancer... she goes Monday to see what the drs have in store for her... together they have a 12 yr old son who has Monday off of school n knows nothing at this point so we will be driving the 4 hr drive to Pa early Sun morning , pickin up his son, spendin the day with him so he THINKS we r there just to see him n spend some time with him but in reality we r just makin sure he isn't home to see his mom go to another dr appointment which will raise his curiousity.. we r keepin him with us for the day, getting a hotel for the 3 of us that night n spendin a good share of Mon with him too.

for those of u who pray n believe ... pls pray for a good outcome for his mom....

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My bottom is really, really sore after yesterday. I had such a sound thrashing with the cane on my bare bottom.

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All my life i have had little self esteem, i tend to bury my head in the sand hoping the bad things will go away.When i realised i had a disciplinarian i was over the moon, finally i had someone who cares about me and who will keep me in check.I quickly learnt he likes me to be punctual and honest and to wear white satin underwear when i am being punished,with his help i am not the person i was, i am an erupting volcano now all the negative things are starting to flow out of me, I have had many a sore bottom along the way hand spanking the dreaded cane and corner time which i hate. We are dealing with what is inside me and how i can grow as a person, as for self confidence that has come on in leaps and bounds, he got me to go for a walk with no underwear on under my dress boy wasn't that hard to do to start with the point of this was to feel good about myself and to hold my head up high, it didn't happen for a while but it did eventually i was almost skipping through the woods, what a great feeling that was I think the next problem to be dealt with could be attitude. I have a lot to thank him for, i am certainly not the person i was back at the beginning of my journey, and i know it is not over yet. Thank you Sir with all my heart.

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We haven't celebrated Valentines Day since like 2008, we dicided that it's just not worth the effort for a holiday with such a shallow meaning. It's just a made up holiday so that the Hallmark and Hershey companies can stay busy in the dead of Winter. So many men and women place such huge stock in meaning of this holiday, it actually makes us sick to our stomach. Of course these are the same people that think a ring is the true symbol of marriage. We haven't worn our bands in a few years because they need resized.....but, when we thought more about it, why does the meaning of love be placed on something so materialistic? We are getting bands tattoed on our ring fingers eventually, that's meaningful, that's permanent......that's love. Like I've said to Mrs M, this holiday makes the point of getting you things when their expected? There are many days like this (Birthdays, Xmas, Anniversaries) I like to surprise you in the Spring or Summer with something that's not expected. She totally agrees and adds "The meaning of Valentine's Day is to show that special someone how much you mean to them.......shouldn't that be done the other 364 days of the year?"......and of course I couldn't agree more. So, what does Valentine's Day mean to us? Not that much, not that much at all, lol :)

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My dad told me that spanking on TV shows was very in between and it was not realistic

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I arrived by train early morning and got a taxi to the Master's address, I had butterflies in my stomach and nervous about what I was doing. But I had agreed to come to my Master's home for a few days and put myself at his disposal as his personal sissy maid. I would be cooking and cleaning and other menial tasks for the length of my stay and be completely under his control. I walked up the path to a normal looking house which would prove to be nothing but normal once I was inside. Knocking at the door, it was soon addressed by a tall man with a stern face who was probably in his late fifties, he had the build of a wrestler and looked very strong indeed. "Come in," he said and led me inside to a small room with a sign pinned on it. "Sissy Maid's Room' was written on it, leaving no doubt that this would be my quarters. Opening the door, he said, "Get yourself changed, I'll be waiting in the living room." I looked around the room, there was a single bed, a wardrobe, a set of drawers and a chair but what took my attention was what was on the wall. Hanging on hooks was a number of spanking implements, a tawse, paddle, strap, hairbrush and a cane. I shivered and wondered which one be used on me first.
Opening my suitcase on the bed, I took out my sissy clothes and began to dress. First the black girdle with the open bottom and six suspenders, I put in the fake breasts and fastened black stockings to the suspenders. Pulling on a small pair of satin knickers and red three inch heels, finally the black maid's uniform was added with the white apron. I was ready to face the Master and serve him.
I tottered on the high heels into the living room, I did a very careful curtsy before him and then stood to attention. "Very good, girl, you look like a real sissy maid. The feather duster's in the corner, get to work, I've things to do in the garden. And no slacking or there will be trouble, you pansy." Then I was alone and began to dust around the room, I was enjoying mincing around the room and wiggling my satin knickered bottom. After a while after I smelled smoke and thought it was coming from the kitchen but when I entered I noticed out the window that the Master was having a bonfire in the garden. I thought nothing of it as he threw garden rubbish on to it, then he came back into the house for a moment before returning outside. Then he lifted a suitcase up and I realised it was mine as he opened it and let all the contents fall into the fire. I gasped as I saw my male clothes go up in flames! I banged on the window and shouted and pointed at him. He turned and strode back to the house, my clothes still burning away. Back in the house he looked at me as I berated him for what he'd done, didn't he realise that was my personal property, he couldn't do that, who did he think he was, I went on. Suddenly, he gave me a look or rather a glare as his face turned to thunder, not saying a word he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the maid's room, while I protested he opened the door and threw me on the bed. Turning to the wall, he took the paddle off it's hook and moved towards me. Getting me by the scruff of my neck, he sat down on the chair and pulled me over his knees. He was far stronger and despite my struggles, I couldn't break free, holding me down with one hand, the other lifted my dress up, then the same hand was in the waistband of the knickers pulling them down to my knees. Next there was a burning pain in my bare arse as the paddle began it's work, there was no counting of strokes, just the paddle raining down on my defenceless backside. It wasn't long before I was whimpering and begging and pleading for him to stop. As my bottom got ever more red and sore and kept saying, "I'm sorry, Master," over and over again.
Then it stopped and I let out a rush of air and started blubbering. "Get up, girl," he shouted, "rub your bottom and then get in that corner, face against the wall, lift your dress up, I want to see my handiwork, pansy!" I quickly did as I was told, sniffing and whining all the time.
"Now this was your first lesson, you stupid little sissy, you are never, ever, I repeat, never, ever to question what I do in future or you will get double of what you got this time, do you understand, you little worm?" he shouted in my ear. "Yes, Master, I do, it will never happen again, I promise, Master." And I knew I really meant it as the pain in my red bottom was the proof of that. I had been put soundly in my place, he was the Master and I was his sissy maid. And the day had only just begun....

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Ours is a evolving scene, strong spanko bottom matched with formerly purely vanilla top, into the third year of employing very real spankings into our bedroom. We are past the discovery stage, we have amassed some of the very best implements available from the web, Paddlewerks, Leatherthorn, and Cane-i-ac mostly, a few home made toys. We both have a penchant for the cane, we both prefer the larger diameter canes, in the 30" length especially. We own several synthetic canes, but prefer the unfinished rattan canes, soaked in saltwater prior to use to make them heavier, and more limber. The natural rattan lands with more of a quaver or tremble that is felt by both receiver and giver that we do not experience with the lexan cane, acrylic cane, or the rubber dipped rattan that I made.

We have broken some very stout implements since the begging, one a 19" long warm up paddle in Zebra wood, it split longways right down the middle. Then it was the Woodrage 16" with holes, that broke clean in two right through a couple of the drilled out holes. Broke one of Bill's beautiful 15" oval paddles in Bubinga again right with the gain through two holes, he graciously replaced that one with a new one which we proceeded to bust in exactly the same fashion. I had asked him to just send us a replacement in 3/8 Lexan, but he insisted we try a Cocobolo model which has held up great to this point, and is a real pleasure to look at. We also have a good selection of great Lexan paddles from the same supplier, they are truly awesome feeling and most surely indestructible.

Leatherthorn's products are both beautiful and functional, we love the feel of a good leathering. Favorite among these are "The Strap" which is long and wide, the much shorter "Buster Jr", and the thick leather paddle with big holes "No Holds Barred" which can be used at full strength for quite a while.

I always get prepared for the weekend events, lately I have been surprised by an early start like last night's half hour intense paddling and caning, the ass is radiant while the groin is throbbing still.

Hope you all have a great weekEND as well.

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So today we are leaving for a performance and we have about a 7 hour drive, I usually tend to get a little bossy and anxious before a huge performance especially when it's several states away, but I guess he has the answer for that , and boy is it ever working, any time I have given him a short answer or sounded bossy today he has grabbed me and thrown me over his knee pulled down my pants and went to town, A few of those times I didn't even realize that I was being a little short, needless to say that I will be on my best behavior, as I will be sitting on a very hot ass for our 7 hour drive. I will also be extremely careful of my attitude. 7 spankings one for each hour of our trip has been a very good reminder that I won't forget, and all before noon. It is definitely time to be a perfect angel for the rest of the weekend.

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All of us on here love to be either the giver or reciever of spankings.
And those that are parents understand the difficulty when its school holidays.
I love my son to the moon and back, but honestly i enjoy my Frodays when Master and I are in full play.
Today is an inset day, so our teenage son is now off until a week on Monday.i feel like writing to school and saying what an inconvienience they are. Lol.

So today, yes ive managed to earn a punishment, and yes it was done but quietly whilst child was asleep in bed.
I earned 50 strokes for saying bastard during my hard morning spanking. I wasnt saying it to G, just at the little Devil paddle.
I earned 50 strokes when i accidently threw the paddle after my hard morning spanking. I went to take it from G, no im going to be honest, i snatched it from G incase he decided to add more then it slipped from my hand and went flying across the room.

G has also now got his cameras set up in our bedroom, that connects to bluetooth so whilst hes at work, he can watch if ive been grounded, or instructed to do something.
Yesterday i was being a bit cheeky during our texting, which we do whilst G is at work. He instructed me to go upstairs, take pants and knickers off, do 30 hard whacks with the Little Devil then masterbate, all whilst i knew he was watching on his phone. The self-spanking was a hard one, im not really into it, cant get the angle right to perform proper hard smacks but G was pleased with my performance.

My reward was that i was allowed to pick the implements for my punishment. It was agreed i was allowed 2 items, so i picked the strap and crop.

Master decided we should get the punishment over with whilst our son was still asleep, and instructed me to go and get the items.
Bending over the bar stool in the kitchen, door shut so the dogs wont bark at G, he started with the strap. Pants still up for the first 10.
The thud, sting, burn and thwacking noise was immense, as G continued in this hard fast motion.
Until 1 hit landed high up my bum, close to my waist, i nearly screamed out in pain. Grabbed my back/bum, normally never allowed but i think G realised that one hurt, but i know it wasnt intentional to hit that high up. He always says the strap weve got is a difficult one to aim with.
As i jumped up, grabbing my back/bum, i said, Jesus that one really hurt.
G started laughing, he said, do you know how silly that sounds, youre getting spanked with a leather strap, and youre saying it hurts.
I laughed too, i said yes but you know what i mean, that one was really bad.
G allowed me a minute until the pain from that one strap had calmed down until he continued with the remaining strokes.
Once that 50 was over he picked the crop up. I tried to get up and ask could we not have a break, but G grabbed me quickly and said no.
I think he realised i may wriggle after the last 50, so he held me down, aiming the crop at that spot between ass and thigh, the sting and bite from each stroke became sharper and harder and i certainly did start wriggling. The little tail to the crop slapped my inner thigh, in-between my cheeks, my outer thighs, until my whole ass/thigh area was on fire.
I jumped up when he said it was over, rubbing my ass and legs i could already feel big welts on my skin.
G took some photos which didnt come out very well but im posting them anyway.

Ive come to the conclusion being quiet during a punishment is very very difficult, but also quite fun too.

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(continued from part one)

"My name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Belle."

Jim nodded his approval.

“Belle it is then – I am Jim – but for the moment you may call me Sir. I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to Hicksville. We must see to it that your journey has not been in vain. For my part I am always pleased to meet a lady who appreciates the benefit of good firm discipline. We take a certain pride in the way we conduct ourselves in such matters around here. You will not be disappointed I think.”

The words were spoken kindly – and yet there was an edge of authority to them. For all his laid-back manner, Jim did not come across as a man who might stand for any nonsense. Belle felt that tingle between her thighs returning.

As if suddenly aware that she was on display and exposed, Belle self-consciously looked away, only to notice that the gentleman on the nearby bench was watching her intently. A couple of other strangers had paused and were listening too. Blushing to a new shade of red, she turned back to Jim. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled to find the words which would not come. Finally she managed to splutter . . .

"Sir, I don't know how....I mean, I've never.....I don't know how to do it, Sir. You will have to help me"

She attempted to explain, "Sir, I want to, but I don't know how to be spanked. I mean, I want to do it right and I think I need to please the man as he spanks me, but I don't know what to do.....oh!...I'm saying it all wrong."

For a moment Jim was stunned by the lady's confession. This was without doubt one of the more astonishing encounters of his life so far. This lady - Elizabeth - whom he had only met a few minutes before - so clearly an innocent in the strange world of Hicksville - was asking to be spanked - and by him of all people.

She was clearly trying to control her emotions but was no denying her earnestness. What pent-up passions lay within her heaving breast? And goodness - how it WAS heaving - he could hardly miss the urgent rise and fall of her bosom; her laboured breathing . . .. There was almost a pleading expression in her eyes as she held his gaze. She couldn’t possibly imagine what she was begging for and there she was - offering herself up on a plate before him like an innocent lamb to the slaughter. It was the stuff of fantasy come true – a gift from heaven.

Even then Jim wavered but he knew he was backed into a corner. A few yards away was Mike, saying nothing and observing all. In a way, this had become a trial of Jim's resolve; a test of his credibility - he could not ignore the woman's advance. He would lose face if he failed to take action. There was nothing for it but to grant the lady her wish.

Slowly he rose to his feet. He was taller than Elizabeth. For a moment he looked down into those beautiful brown eyes - moist; expectant; pleading . . .

“Are you sure Belle?” He asked gently.

Belle was far more nervous and embarrassed than she had anticipated would be the case but she had travelled all this way for this encounter and was determined to see it through.

Drawing a deep breath, she again glanced uncertainly towards the man on the bench and then back to the gentleman standing before her.

Closing her eyes she appeared to weigh the options, then placed her hand on Jim's chest, stomped her foot as if to mark her decision as final and blurted out much louder than she intended

"Yes, Please Sir, I want a Spanking!"

She gasped in shock at her own forwardness, blushing with excitement. Not for the first time in her life the tingle between her thighs threatened to burst. Her mouth was dry; her panties on the other hand were anything but!

Jim calmly studied her expression, searching for an element of doubt - but he detected none - only a nervous affirmation of resolve.

"Very well," he said. "You shall have your spanking Belle and it will be an experience you won't forget in a hurry - I promise. You are going to learn something about yourself today and make no mistake about it – the lesson will be painful! I take a certain pride in these matters"

On hearing this, Belle swallowed hard and her heart started to thump like a steam hammer inside her chest. There was a tightening in her abdomen as she grasped that he wasn’t playing a game. After all those years – it was going finally to happen. She clenched her buttocks together - the juices in her vagina began to flow as never before.

Behind her, the train made to ready to continue its journey. "All aboard!" called the conductor, signaling to the engineer. " WHOoooo Whooo-ooOP!" came the response. With a clattering of metal couplings and a mournful whistle it set off. Slowly the carriages rolled past; the resultant atmospheric turbulence wafted her skirt alluringly in the process. The raucous "chuff – chuff - chuff" of the locomotive increased in cadence and simultaneously diminished in volume as it disappeared around the bend in the middle distance.

With the train departed, the sound of birdsong and crickets could once more be heard in this sleepy corner of the Delta. It was still quite warm but not overbearingly so. The evening sun bathed the scene in in mellow yellow light.

Jim calmly removed his denim coat, folded it neatly and placed it on the bench, close to the armrest. He motioned to Belle and pointed to the coat.

"I would like you to kneel on the coat and position yourself over the armrest with your palms pressed flat on the ground please Miss Belle." he said matter-of-factly. There was little emotion in his voice - but there was a clear implication that he expected her to obey his instructions. He took her hand gently and led her to the bench.

"If you would be so kind as to do it now!" he said firmly. “I am not accustomed to being kept waiting.” He felt her trembling.

Belle’s knees began to buckle under her. The dreadful truth threatened to overwhelm her. She was going to be spanked, right here at the station, and in front of anybody who happened to be about! It was awful, and yet she knew somehow that it was her destiny. She opened her mouth to form words – but no sound came out . . .

Slowly, purposefully, almost menacingly, Jim unbuckled the thick worn leather belt from the loops in his faded jeans, wrapping the buckle end effortlessly around his right hand. The loose end drooped down and oscillated gently from side to side.

"I am waiting Miss Belle" He said again. "Please do as I have told you – quickly now. The time for indecision is passed. We must proceed with your education."

For a moment he wondered if she was going to faint. She seemed a little unsteady on her feet. Then she appeared to pull herself together, swallowed hard and reached down to pull off her shoes. With a final nervous look around her she knelt on the coat and positioned herself over the armrest of the station bench as instructed. She supported herself on straight arms, aware that she was now the centre of attention on the quiet little station concourse.

Quite a little crowd of curious bystanders had gathered by then. The station staff were staring through the open office windows. Two distinguished looking gentlemen with ladies on their arms had stopped on the other side of the tracks and were awaiting the drama to unfold. It was Judge Beauregard and Pastor John with their wives. Jim acknowledged them with a nod.

"It’s a fine evening for a masterclass in discipline Jim," remarked the Pastor. " You sure look like you got yourself a deserving case there."

"Yup," replied jim. "I was thinking the same myself. This lady has made a special journey on account of hearing about our ways out here. It turns out that we got something of a reputation to uphold. I ain't planning on sending her away disappointed."

Pastor John turned to his wife and pointed.

"You watch this and take note Laura-Lee ." he smirked. "You forget your place and I will send you to see Jim for some correctional therapy yourself - if you catch my drift."

Laura-lee blushed - but secretly - her panties were almost as wet as Belle's.

A pair of cheerleaders in their smart red and white uniforms came chattering along and stopped short in their tracks – mouths open in astonishment. It was the Misses Kissie and Ellie - two of cheerleaders for the Hicksville Rednecks football team.

"Hi there Jim," they giggled. "Are you fixing to give this lady a darned good thrashing with your belt? Would it be okay if we can stay and watch? She sure is pretty!"

Jim smiled. Ellie and Kissie were special favourites of his. They always took their spankings with particular enthusiasm.

"Sure thing." he laughed. "Watch and enjoy!"

Bad Tushy