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Raven's heart raced, as David removed his fingers from between her legs. His fingertips glistened with her juices. She was both feeling the pain and sting of the cane and the tremendous longing from the sudden end of her climax. She desperately wanted him to let her continue.

David denied her and whispered wickedly in her ear, “There's so much more I want to do to you before I satisfy you fully, darling, and you'll be begging for it, before I do.”

“Oh, pleeeeease David!”, Raven whined.

“I want you on the bed.” He piled the pillows in the center. “I want that bottom up here!”, he said patting the top of the stack.

Raven crawled seductively across the bed, kneeling below the pillows. Her hands touched the bed in front of them, then slid slowly across the sheets, showing her ass to it's best advantage as her chin touched the bed and she licked her lips at David.

“You are a naughty little minx! Straighten out those legs. I can see I'm going to have to control you!” He dropped two more cuffs on the dresser. He knew that Raven did not like to be bound, but he would show her who was the boss. She needed to learn that these things were not hers to decide. He ignored her pitiful pout and quickly fitted the cuffs to her wrists and ankles. He pulled a ring at the first bedpost. A twisted metal line pulled out and he attached it to the cuff. He secured each cuff to the corresponding corner and with a button, tightened the length of the ties. Raven was now completely vulnerable to him. He smiled at his handiwork and then kissed her cheek. Now let's just finish this with a blindfold. She didn't want it, but he insisted and she complied.

She was anxious, hearing him move about the room. She heard the drawers opening and closing, and then his footsteps going to the bathroom and returning again. She knew he planned to punish her but she had no idea what it might entail. She had disappointed him greatly, and David believed in accountability. This was the second time she'd lied and deceived him, but at least this time they had gotten to the bottom of the matter. He'd said after the first time, he wouldn't give her another chance, but he had. He was going to make very certain it didn't happen again!

David rubbed his hands over the welts left by the cane. They were clearer and more defined now. A perfect set of stripes from her tailbone to her thighs. He felt her shudder as he applied pressure and then pulled his fingers up over each bump.

Raven felt some the cold compound as it hit her skin. He began rubbing it in and at first it was soothing. After a few seconds it began to heat up, especially on her well marked bottom. The surface got hotter and hotter and began to sting. She wriggled and whined, asking him to wash it off! He was silent. He washed his hands and joined her once again, this time separating her trembling cheeks. She felt something enter her bum, and knew at once it was a ginger root.

“Oh, no! David, please don't. It's going to burn!!
I've learned my lesson, I promise you.”

He whacked her bottom hard with his open hand. Her ass shook with the impact of the slaps, and she tightened her muscles, which drew the root father inside her. She was beginning to feel the heat inside. . It was building. Raven did love the feel of his hand on her bottom. Each slap was superheated by the ointment. She identified it by its smell. It was a cream made from peppers that was used for stiff muscles. It was also used to teach naughty girls to be obedient. It was very effective on a well spanked behind!!

David hadn't planned on spanking her just yet, but he found her complaining irritating. She'd earned this punishment! As he continued to turn her cheeks to cherry red, he scolded her.
“I believe I heard those very words before, young lady! I've learned my lesson and I'll never lie or be sneaky again, yet here we are!”
His hand whacked her sit spots firmly and with some force. The vibration rippled through her flesh. Her bottom and her thighs absorbed the blows. “Now, you WILL learn your lesson this time, and your bottom will burn with it until I say otherwise. Do… You.. under..!! Each word was punctuated by another hard palm print.

“Yes, Sir, Raven cried. I understand you, Sir!”

“You will remain there for five more minutes.”

“Yes, Sir!” she said miserably. Only minutes ago she was having a wonderful climax and now she was in tears. Yet, she felt her juices stirring once again. She was glad he was strong enough to make her answer for her duplicity. No one else has ever been able to do it. She used her looks, her charm and sex as a weapon to disarm men. David was the exception and it made him incredibly attractive.
She tried to count in her head, thinking if she counted slowly to 300, it would be done.

David watched her squirm. He did enjoy the glow of her pretty round bottom and those endlessly long legs! He could see all her charms and he would taste then soon enough!
He glanced at his watch, one minute to go, he knew her bottom was on fire now. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, just to barely warm. She'd need it!

He quickly undid the restraints and just as he got to the five minute mark, he relieved her, by extracting the fig. He whisked her away in his arms, carrying her to the shower. He removed the blindfold and pushed her under the showerhead.

The water washed over her, like a soft cooling rain. Her inside still burned from the root. She
wept and tried to open her cheeks to let the water reach the burn, but it kept on sizzling.

David stepped into the shower behind her.
“Still hot in there?”, he said kissing her neck.

She nodded and leaned back against him. His fingers found the aching heat, and she felt him push something up her there. His pinky finger pushed up behind it. She at once felt it cooling, an icy minty tingling. “Ahhhhh, she pushed her ass onto his finger and he moved it around, inside her. Even his baby finger was enough to stretch her. His other hand reached around and teased her, fluttering around her nipples and stroking her belly and brushing the part of her that wanted him most. All the time his finger pushed and pulled at her. Her skin throbbed, his kisses ignited another ember. He pushed her back down, bending her at the waist.

She knew he wanted her, but he would make her work for it. Raven spread her legs, ready for whatever, however he wanted her. She craved his kind of roughness and gentleness, the pain and the rapture he brought her. Her hands braced herself on the tiled wall. David warmed up the water and the steam billowed all around them. It seemed like they were inside a cloud, a world of their own.

David slipped a condom over himself, and put the tip of it between her cheeks. She began to wiggle, hoping he'd enter her but he was still.
“You, do it. Push back onto it.”

She began opening her cheeks, holding them wide, every touch triggering the soreness left by his hand, his cane…. The waxy coolant has melted and made her slippery, but it was hard to get him inside. Finally she felt his head go in. It hurt alot… Butjust a few seconds. She gasped and pushed her bottom back.

David had patience. He felt her cover him, squeeze over him, take him in, bit by tiny bit.
He bit his tongue, watching his cock disappear into her. That gorgeous red ass appearing like magic, in the thick stream. He held her hips and pulled her the last few inches. He roared as he penetrated her and felt his balls rub against her. Umm, yes, that's it... holding her there, feeling himself deep up her hole. He could feel the heat of her bottom as he drove it even farther in. He relaxed and began the long forceful strokes, really reaming her out. His pelvis was grinding and thrusting. He rubbed her clit and she started to come, within seconds, so he stopped again. He was content just letting her feel his tip at her entrance. She panted and tried to push, but he kept her right there. Then again, he massaged her knot. She quivered and shook, trying to keep her pleasure secret from him, afraid he'd take it away. But he knew. He wanted her to contain it. He tantalized her, starting and stopping, finding the other tunnel and pushing his thick finger in.

She was half mad with desire and his finger put her over the edge. Her throaty groan told him she was ready now, and he drove all the way into her tight asshole. He wrapped his hands around the front and lifted her feet off the floor holding her around the tops of her legs. His fingers slipped in and out, around and over her lady lips. Her moan became breathless and then frantic as he impaled her. She felt every nerve ending in her body react to him, every muscle contract and spasm. Her hands let go of the wall and she folded in half. His strong grip and his cock were the only things holding her up. Her hands finally found the floor, but she didn't care. He ravaged her and she was in heaven!

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I am super excited my Master will be here in exactly one week (yes I'm counting the days lol). I'm really excited to spend a whole week with Him. This should be fun; I love my Master and spending time with him. Since we are long distance the time we do spend together makes it that much more special. As excited as I am to see Him I'm scared because I know I'll be punished(I've been bad). To add to my punishment Master wants to post my spanking here, so that's even more scary. Hopefully it goes well.

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Will all I did to day is sleep now I'm fixing to bake

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Calgon can't take my stress away for real. So my x tells me he wants to adopt my daughter so IAM like what the hell she is 29 years old...was with the man 24 years long ass yearsssss and now he wants to adopt her lol dammm then he tells me about a woman he likes that wants to have 4 baby's with him he don't work don't support the two he has now.. and IAM paying for everything what the hell is he thinking ... When does this shit ever stop for real.... God... Stress release nplease someone God for real before I. Have nervous break down.... Can't take much more for real it's like a bad dream that won't go away... Ever

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Today's sketch, I wanted to try using charcoal pencils I had bought. I remember using them in school and at work, rubbing the charcoal to get shading.
Anyway, DirtySerf loves to play with Masters cock, laying on the bed, feeling his closeness, feeling the heat from my spanked red, hot bottom as it touches Masters leg, making me jump as the pain shocked me again. I could end my day like this everyday.

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I want to be put over a knee and thoroughly spanked.

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Here I am 129 am can't sleep so of not sleeping good news you all know what I need

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So roommates have bee. Fighting and. IAM stick in the middle dealing with bullshit. I have my own stresses and bullshit and. God IAM about to flip. Would rather be on the streets then deal with this bullshit for real. . Least on the streets I don't have to listen to bullshit for real. Can do my own thing . Not have to answer to anyone and be me. When it rains it pours. Fuck . Ya IAM cussing I don't give a shit who's going to stop me. Noone that's who. IAM done . Can't wait until wensday. ... Getting me a bottle and drinking until I can't see straight . Then drink more fuck it. Cassandra is through with bullshit. And if someone don't like it. Feel froggy jump mother fucker I will mess u up
for real IAM not playing... Enough of having to release stress this is past stressed.... No calming me down now . Submissive my ass ya nope not me not tonight . Put me in my place go ahead try ... Can't break me. Not tonight .

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Looked on line but couldn't find anything in Tulsa on spanking unless I looked in wrong place on most of the sites so what can I do to improve on getting a spanking and massage

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Friday night, out with 3 of my closest girlfriends....standing at the bar minding my own business, laughing at my friends story, when this guy walks up..puts his arm around my shoulder and says...

"what I want,is your mouth around my cock"

I looked at him straight in the eye and replied.

"What I want,is to see my husbands fist in your face, but we can't all have what we want, can we?"

When will men learn that, that kind of talk is only acceptable when we are hogtied, hanging from the ceiling, with a well spanked arse, and we have given our permission.

Men are complete pricks...PRESENT COMPANY EXCLUDED. lol.

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From a couple of weeks back, but now I'm healed up, I'm looking forward to the next summons ;-)

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Friday night I'm so bored

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After being sent to bed with no dinner, Sandy fell asleep wishing her father had finished her punishment before bed. The next morning, she found a note that left an unmovable lump in her throat.

Knowing she overslept, she hurried to get ready. If she's not ready when he arrives, it would be even worse for her.

"Just in time sleepy head," he said as he entered the room. Then he lovingly lead her to the stool and bent her over his knee. "Darling, at the end of this paddling you will make a teary eyed public apology on camera."

"Now let's have you right there."

Completely supported by his extended leg and the stool, she could barely touch the floor with the tips of her toes.

The paddling was fast, long, and very hard. Sandy had no way of knowing how many swats landed on her poor bottom. She only knew the humiliation of hearing the loud sound of "POP! POP!!! POP!!!" broadcast out the open door with an occasional yelp or squeal as a crowd of curious neighbors listened from the street.

However, she knew he wasn't going to stop paddling her until she begged loud enough for her plea to be heard by everyone outside. Finally she cried out in a quivering voice, "Please Daddy no more!! Please! Please!!!!" How humiliating to be paddled by your father at the age of 21, but to be heard blubbering and pleading by all the neighbors - it was is so unthinkable!!

"Why are you being paddled Sandy?" he said in a loud voice.

"Because I'm a slutty tease and I offended your friends," she said. An eruption of muffled laughter and whispers filled the street.

"Well Sandy, I forgive you, but you're going to have to apologize to them yourself on camera after this. Now count out loud and proud the last ten swats." Of course, not an ear within a mile could have mistaken who was getting paddled now.

From the sounds of hushed giggles and murmurs from the street, Sandy had been quite the spectacle this bright Saturday morning. Her face blushed bright red as she imagined all the young men who had heard this ordeal. She had teased them so many times over the years, and now they had the satisfaction of knowing she was finally getting thrashed for it. She imagined that all were probably bending slightly at the waist to hide their erections. "Perverts," she said in an inaudible breath.

With teary eyes and a red bottom, Sandy apologized on camera for her offensive behavior.

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Check out my two most recent "favorites." I'm the top in these.

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Should of known better than to schedule interview in the morning over slept darn oh well

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DirtySerf better not move her legs, that would be tear jerkingly ouchie.

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Two days to go before we head of towards our first naturist holiday.
Even though it's chilly and wet here, we are hoping for warmer weather next week. As it's south of England, Essex, it should be warmer but forecast has said around 18-20°c. Which would be lovely.
As I'm always feeling the cold I was concerned about the forecast.
I decided to email the lady who owns the park, she said she just wanted us happy, and comfortable. So if it's chilly we could be clothed. But what's the point of going to a naturist park, if you don't do it fully.
We have decided if, if I'm chilly I can wear my coat or cardigan but have it open.
I have a real desire to go for a walk in the rain, naked only wearing my Wellington boots, and have G take some photos, for me. Or just splashing in a puddle, jumping over it, even though G isn't the best at taking photos, I hope we can take some good ones to share.
I'm just starting to pack, we won't really need clothes, only to travel in.
But want a good selection of toys, G wants my collar and lead packing, saying he will enjoy walking me around on the lead, but we may not be able to go for a walk in the woods like that. After all it's a naturist park, not a kinky park.
Still hoping for that outdoor spanking though lol.

I asked G if I had to still do my lines and sketch and he said Yes ofcourse. I naturally complained, it was my holiday after all, but no, I can do them whilst he's sleeping in, in the morning !!!
I said, what if I forget to pack my box, he just said, oh you will pack it. I do think this is slightly unfair.
If I remember when we went away for two nights, G said I could do all the lines once we got home, I did take my box. Can't remember if I was doing the sketches then, but I didn't have to do them in the end.
This time though, he said I am to do them as we are there to chill and relax. So surely that means I shouldn't have to do them.

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