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My Daddy is usually a very positive minded person. But yesterday he was having a pretty bad day. And when I wondered where he was in the quietness of my empty texting screen, and he told me what was going on, I wanted so much to grab him and hug him the rest of the day.... that's sorta hard to do when he's in TX and I'm in PA. I was also at work and not able to call him. But I just wanted some way to make him smile again and my texts seemed so ineffective to me. So I did a little meme browsing online, looking for something that might work. Most of the time I don't have a lot of luck with finding a good meme, but yesterday I found the perfect one.

A little back story is needed to explain why it was so perfect: my Daddy has long hair. On occasion I will text him things like-- "sneaking up on you and lifting your hair so I can kisssssssssss the back of your neck." A couple weeks ago when I knew he was distracted at home in TX, I messaged him- "sneaking up behind you and sprinkling glitter in your hair...." That led to him replying about how he was wondering why his scalp was suddenly itchy, getting glittery hands, and then I'd end up with glitter hand prints on my butt when I got spanked. Hee hee. And since then, there have been little references to the glitter here and there. I'd threaten to tug on Daddy's whiskers, and he'd say, "it's not the tugging that's the problem, it's the glitter that you leave behind," etc. ;)

So, yesterday in browsing memes, I came across one that said:

Hello. I'm the happiness fairy. I've sprinkled happy dust on you. Now smile, dammit, that shit's EXPENSIVE.

I sent it and added beneath it:
And yeah, it's glittery. And it's in your hair.

Daddy often sends me little voice messages via text (recommended to all you Doms out there, btw). And this is what he sent back to me yesterday in a voice message:

"Thank you for cheering me up. It really worked. It’s all I needed. I just have to live my life and be happy. And one thing that makes me happy is, I’m going to have to go through what I’m going through right now no matter what, I’m just glad while I’m going through it, I get to have you in my life. So thank you. Makes my life better. Big hugs."

Can't even find the right words to explain how good I felt when I heard that message from him, how happy I was to have made a difference to him on a dark day, despite the distance between us. ❤

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It's recently occurred to me that there are several different types of Sub or Bottom which show in the way they react to a spanking. Here are 4 which I have identified.

Reluctant - tries to reduce the impact of a spanking by twisting, turning and squirming or even running away.

Stoical - takes severest punishment without showing any reaction at all.

Obedient - stays in place during punishment as directed by the Dom/Top.

Compliant - actively ensures that their bottom is best presented for each spank/stroke. (Opposite of Reluctant).

Can anyone think of any others?

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stands in corner looking down hands on my butt... well yesterday was a really bad day . i got in a bad mood last night due to someone in real life pissing me off..i went to t he gym to try get rid of the anger and stress.... y a didn't... work .. got worse ... SIr could have tore my ass-up and my mood probably wouldn't have changed....i dont like it when in real life people push my buttons and i cant say anything back to them .. its frustrating as hell... so iam saying sorry now ... for any wronf doing i may have done or may do ... still in a mood.... but not as bad i guess you can say .....if i have said anything out of anger iam SORRY ... trying harder to be in better mood ....

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So I've noticed that not many people post stories on here (truth, fantasy or maybe a mix). So to anyone who reads this, reply with a story True or not or maybe partially true, just a story that you very much like.
I will start.

And just fyi this has some truth and some fantasy, I'll let you guess which is which.
I was at work one day after my college classes as a bartender I'm a nice restaurant where I worked with my room mate. I lived with this girl for 2 years with her and her boyfriend who were both around 23 at the time the same age as me. Things were getting difficult unlike they had ever been and drama was being caused over every little thing. So one day things just went over the line and it was just the 2 of us home. So I called her into my room and told her I was moving out and she would have to find someone to fill my room and my rent at the end of the month. She was very upset by this and quickly begged me not to move out because I was paying more than half of the bills and she couldn't find someone on such short notice. Well I told her that I was done with the drama and after we had talked about it for 20 minutes in my bedroom I told her if she wanted me to stay and pay my portion she was going to agree to a punishment by me. She started acting really prissy and being a brat and things went back down hill so I started packing. She came back 10 minutes later and agreed and in her bratty voice asked what I was thinking for a punishment, I told her I thought she needed a spanking and once it was started there was no going back. She was 5ft 4 ginger 125 lbs with a nice round butt and thought I was kidding so she bent over my lap laughing. I then started spanking her over her yoga pants just hard enough to get her attention. After a few minutes she briskly asked if I was done. I told her to stand up and turn around. She did and turned back and asked,"are you happy now?" Noticing I was looking at her butt.
I then told her she was to pull down her pants and put her hands on her head. Living with her I knew I was about to see her in a tiny little thong and that it was going to offer no protection or coverage I insisted and waited for her to pull down her pants.
Sitting there I watched her creamy white butt come out of her yoga pants and I started to feel myself getting excited.....
Post with replies if you'd like to hear more.;)

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I think bottoms_up and justjanie will be providing us with lots of good reads.

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The Princes they gathered,
The bums, they perused,
Those, that were rosey,
And those, that were bruised.
Fiery haired lady,
Was bartered for gold,
Porcelain skinned dolly,
She quickly, was sold,
A tiny blond beauty,
Up next, on the block,
tender young bottom
To stick with his cock.
Each gent had arrived,
With crop or with lashes,
To test out the lassies,
Their lips and their assies,
A bargain was struck
To take 'em and to wed 'em,
They carried them home
To whip 'em and bed 'em.

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work is finally done for today.. it was hell... so many caterin orders n short staffed... then errands with my daughter n now home at last... thank goodness I made a huge meatloaf on Mon for dinner... yesterday we had cold meatloaf sammies ( a favorite).. n today the rest of that meatloaf went into a goulash .. quick n easy.... my feet n back hurt so bad... gonna try to go soak in a nice hot bubble bath before bed .. TRY bein the key word... two more work days to get thru this week... hurry up weekend!!

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Ms. Proper is a very intelligent, very proper and rather attractive woman in her mid 40s. (This is all true except for her name.) One of her sons studied guitar with me until he went off to college. She herself was studying with me by this time as well. She always paid for both with one huge check that covered several months worth of lessons. (Her husband is a surgeon.) Around this same time she decided to leave her husband while spending rather freely on guitars and an amp even though she played like she never practiced. That was a few years ago, and since that time she has sent me friendly text messages from out of the blue. They've occurred so infrequently that it took me years to recognize the number. She's sent me I don't know how many messages where I'd look at the number and think, "Who the heck?" I don't get the feeling she's trying to come between my wife and me, but if I weren't married we could probably be seeing a lot more of each other.
A few days ago she sent me another text for the first time since Christmas for no other reason than to say hi. She addressed me as Mr. (So and So) which nobody else ever does. While answering her my phone tried to guess what I was going to write next when I got to the phrase, "...that's when a nice guitar can be most appreciated." But instead of the word "guitar" my phone thought I was going to say "butt massage."
In the following paragraph I explained what my phone thought I was going to write, and ended with the paragraph, "Why not make an appointment and stop by for a nice butt massage? (It'll be just our secret.)"
Ms. Proper responded, "I appreciate a good sense of humor! Always funny when someone tries to "pull your (guitar) strings!"
I responded, "Rather have it spanked?"
Nothing after that. So today I wrote, "Uh-oh. Sounds like stunned silence on the other end. Did I touch a nerve?"
All she said was "No".
I asked, "Did I stretch the limits of your sense of humor?"
Apparently so because she's gone back into silent mode. But then maybe she's conflicted and really wants to stop by my store "for a guitar lesson" while draped over my knee with her dress pulled up.
Stay tuned.

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she sat in the front
and her skirt it would rise
revealing her stockings
and tops of her thighs
she never went wanting
and was never denied

said the father confessor
of spanking young bride

it was love at first sight
was the story he told
and when they first met
he was older than old
in the confessional
in his ear she'd confide

said the father confessor
of spanking young bride

she really did love him
her heart made of gold
she stuck to the story
and if ever so bold
she tried to be faithful
she tried and she tried

said the father confessor
of spanking young bride

I tell you this story
though not of my place
I tell you now only
of falling from grace
she liked all the boys
and she liked a good time

said the father confessor
of spanking young bride

a thousand hail Mary's
and a thought if you please
I know what you want
much more what you need
in regards to a pennance
he left her to decide

said the father confessor
of spanking young bride

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Last week during a severe snow storm nobody was out shopping, so I was here at my little store with ST pulled up on the laptop when all of a sudden my door burst open as if a SWAT team had just crashed through looking for Public Enemy No. 1. It was my wife. She came in cursing like a sailor and throwing her keys to the floor screaming hysterically. Long story short, it was much ado about nothing, and it blew over within minutes. But I never thought to click out of ST, so it stayed up on the screen the whole time she was here. I didn't realize it until after she'd left. I'm assuming she didn't notice. (She's the Vanilla Queen, BTW, and hates all this kinky stuff.) A few days later she came in again -- but not in hysterics this time -- while I was watching some Russian girl getting belted on her bare butt. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I tried to click out of it but was in too much of a panic to realize I was getting "DO YOU WANT TO CLOSE ALL TABS?" CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! (SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!)C'MON, DAMMIT! DISAPPEAR, WOULD YA! She was practically standing over me by the time I figured it out.
So am I spending too much time on here, or does she just have a sixth sense for awkward timing?

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Please read Bottoms_Up's companion piece to Matchmaker, The MAIDEN'S REPLY. It's a lovely homage to our story.

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If I could only get spanked with ONE implement, what should it be?

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I'm a Mason by trade
and a tolerant man
not trifled by many
and I stand where I stand
and of the fair maidens
I've known one or two
I'll not ask for much
but I will ask of you

I'll ask you not gossip
about private affairs
and if we should quarrel
there be a clearing of airs
if the heavens should strike me
bear witness above
I'll always stand with you
for it's you that I love

with that the mason
he fell to the floor
and lifted her skirts
to the mounds he adored
most tender and loving
he proffered a kiss
to a bottom bright red
and the mark of the whips

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he bundled her home
and right off to the bed
for fear of the switching
that others may dread
for this is the where
and this is the why
and rumored by many
came the maiden's reply

I'll wash all your linen
and cook you yer stew
and for a kind word
I might diddle you too
you might be surprised
to find that I'll thank
when offering me bum
when I fancy a spank

the thing I'll not do
is sit watching the door
I won't spend me nights
up walking the floor
I'll ignore all the drinking
and a cursing or two
but I won't spend my life
just waiting for you

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one thing is iam not fake or teo faced ... iam honest and funny and truthful.. caring loving and above all submissive to the right SIR.. i dont like to put myself out there to get hurt so at first i have walls up and slowly left them down when iam comfortable to do it.. i have been asked if iam a true sub well in my eyes iam .. i listen i obey and do as iam told smiling well that me in a nut shell ..... smiling take it or leave it that me ... smiling

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The Perfect Dominant
Asks What You Need
Not What You Want
Makes You Reach Inside
Baring You Completely
Forcing Words
From Your Heart
Feeling Naked but Not
Stripping Layers
Off Your Soul
Bare to His Eyes Alone
Your Dominant...
Your Sir...Awaits You

Fear inside
Shaking like a leaf
Hard to breathe
Waiting for a spanking
My first of many
A Virgin again
Scared and unsure
Dependent on a man
Can he fulfill my fantasies?
Make my dreams come true?
He who could ultimately crush me
Heart, Body, Mind and Soul
Emotionally battered...
What I fear most

Heaven within reach
So close...
Suddenly in Hell
Rejected again
Knives twisting
Pain overwhelming
Crushed completely
Heart shredded

Suddenly I hear him
He said I'm here...
Your safe...
Just a mistake...
He didn't leave
He wants it to be special
My first spanking
He wants me to cherish
Relive my memories
My first Dominant
My first Sir
I await patiently
The commencing of...
My first ever spanking

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First your heart
Then your soul
Plant a seed
Watch it grow

Wet with tears
Whispered cries
Make a wish
See it die

Dream a dream
Deep inside
Fall to earth
With a cry

Deepest secrets
Bared to all
Black abyss
Slowly drop

On and on
So it starts
Want to crawl

Never to bend
Once it begins
Embarrassed to all

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A Broken Shell
Cracked at Birth
A Lie
Dead on Earth
Heed my Words
Tomorrow's gone
No more walking
In this world
The Lord
The Devil
Choose well
End of Story
Sign Out

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hope it works...
I contact admin to suggest but he hasn't replied yet.

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Hey all,

Some of you may remember my videos. I'm interested in having a session or two like that during my travel down the eastern coast. I'll be passing through D.C., VA, and NC. If interested do not hesitate to reach out!

Have a great day

Sex and Submission