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Just been looking at the 'Blogs' and one in particular about a male, searching for a female playmate who is not looking for an ongoing relationship.
WOW, I am just the opposite, I so want to find that elusive playmate who wants the lifestyle and wants a meaningful and long term relationship.
Yes I'm complicated, aren't we all?? but as someone who is safe, secure and loving I find it so frustrating that with all the Spankers/Spankees out there, I cannot get the match.
One Day Maybe

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(original poetry/lyrics)

never ask the wind
to carry your load
never ask the sky
why you feel alone
never hang your head
in your very own home
never turn away
from all that you've known

never give up hope
and never say die
never hang your head
and wonder you why
never close your heart
and call it goodbye
never you know
and never you mind

pass a camel through a needle's eye

never hold to things
you never can keep
never close your eyes
and never believe
that a never ending
is all that it seems
never let never
steal all of your dreams

never count on time
to be on your side
never ask your heart
for the reasons why
never give up hope
and call it goodbye
never you know
and never you mind

pass a camel through a needle's eye

never ask the moon
to follow the sun
never undo
what's never undone
never walk away
when you know you can run
never hand your heart
to just anyone

never give up hope
and never say die
never look at me
and ask yourself why
never turn your back
and call it goodbye
never you know
and never you why

pass a camel through a needle's eye

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#RiseAndShine work awaits, coffee SMiles, make today worthwhile #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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Tomorrow, well actually later today, and as it's five in the morning, not so very much later....

When a young lady has agreed in advance she very well knows what's in store- even if she feigns otherwise when the time comes.

I will be getting a spanking today. Or rather, most probably, a series of spankings that would make most of you go pale. It'll start after morning coffee and proceed from there.

I'll watch a few more naughty spanking videos and try to make myself take a nap. The operative word is try, because as I fall asleep I'll still be thinking about the spanking I'm waiting on. Chances of avoiding it, about zero, so I might as well move to being accepting. After all, I want the spanking anyway, deep down underneath, and I know it.

The friend who will be delivering the spanking is a big guy, strong, and with hands so large his palm squarely covers most of a cheek on a cheeky girl in each smack. He is not so gentle when spanking, although he is a gentleman. Having done this before, I'm sure I can't expect that he's going to be less thorough than the last time. And also, last time being only a week ago I can still kind of feel it.

He had never spanked me, or apparently anyone, bare bottomed over the knee before. I may have created a monster. He liked being able to watch the color of my bare bottom change as he spanked me, liked the difference in the sound of the impact and my little moans, liked that he could pin me down and spank my ass hard and there was nothing I could do about it. The first good set had me clatter to my knees on the floor. The second good set had me in some kind of zen like trance state in which I faced and accepted the beauty and the suffering of the moment. The third good set had me feeling really like a naughty little girl who was getting a very hard spanking she right well knew she had coming.

That was before the switch I brought home for exactly such a situation got used. I was almost grateful for the 'little warmup' that nearly had me in tears, because the switch hurt much, much more. Yet, by then, I was prepared enough to let him whip me with it without any protest. And he did whip me with it, hard, and I was quite sure that I had accidentally picked a good switch that was more effective than my very well made school canes.

A day later, no bruises, I could definitely remember what happened every time I sat down at work. Since he enjoyed it so much last times, I'm sure he will insist on spanking my bare bottom for some time before we get to the other implements available. There are more than a few other options for after that, but I'm pretty sure that switch is going to be involved again. I'm also pretty sure that since spanking my bare ass is no longer something he feels would be off-limits....he will probably want to try several other things just to see the difference in the effect and my reactions. Frankly I've been begging the universe for a good spanking, so I don't feel it would be appropriate to fuss about it now.

In fact, I can't wait, even though I am a little scared. I hope it makes a good bedtime story for you all tomorrow night. :-)

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Ahhh... I did this too, some time ago. There are somewhere videos and photos of my bare bottom being turned red by someone somewhere.I surely won't tell you by whom or where....but they exist. It was a different time in my life, not that I'm not the same girl....and truthfully I don't regret it at all. Who knows, depending on the circumstances, I might even do it again.

But just because nobody does it, I'd like to say thank you especially, to all the young ladies and women who open themselves up to getting a good hard spanking on camera. There are some very positive sides to it, that I'm sure you are not thinking of when suddenly the spanking becomes real and you are also aware that a camera is capturing your wicked plight. Much later, some poor girl who wants to have that experience sees it, and feels less alone and more willing to try. Some nice guy that just has know...fantasies....understands after an evening of fun one-offs that maybe he's not just a creep, and you know, maybe some nice girl out there might want to try it. ( This also goes for F/m M/m and F/f combos, I'm sure!)

So tomorrow, when I have my second spanking girl Friday ritual, I'll remember... That I watched you getting spanked, and enjoyed it, and somehow deserved to share the same fate. :-)

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Any naughty girls getting a spanking this weekend? ;)

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I had a nice long blog entry about the spanking I gave over the weekend...but by the time I was ready to post it, my login had timed out! I may type it up again, but not tonight.

Short version: I spanked her. And it was awesome.

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today I had work as usual... daves been gone since Sunday..he came home today as I was in the middle of makin cookies for the Halloween party we r havin for the kids this Sat.... I dyed the cookie dough blue, red, purple n yellow n when they came out the oven I pressed 6 candy eyes into the cookie.. they came out pretty neat.. originally id of waited til Sat morning or Fri night to do my bakin but I have 3 of my grandsons over Fri until Sat n I know Id not have time with them here... we got snow today.......our first this year... I hated to see it come but luckily its stopped for now... I'm sittin here struggling to keep my eyes open...I have some thoughts about a email Poppy sent me today...I hope everyones had a good week with lots of spanks n spankings... :)

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All right, I gave it a thought, and decided that I will upload spanking photos here on this site. From anime to even 3D. I have a friend that works on those with me and I talked to him about it, and he agreed that they should be on this site. So we'll browse through his work and my work to see which one will be uploaded on this site. Please look forward to it. No real life unfortunately because real life would look like...real life.

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Dream of playing in spanking movies. Young men and women. To undress, smiskas, nurtured, punished and submit.

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Yesterday I was in my car stuck in the mother of all traffic jams listening to a local radio station when a song was played that instantly brought back so many memories. The song was by a band called 'Erasure' and titled 'Give a little Respect',in a moment my mind was filled with memories of the year 1988,the year I entered the convent. I was twenty years old when I left university with a BA in History and Mathematics. However during my final year at university I had been visiting a convent and going on retreats and sampling formation with the intention of becoming a nun. A week after my graduation I stood outside the convent gates with my parents,both of whom were very upset. I remember my Dad looking at me with tears in his eyes and asking was this what I really wanted? My Mum kept quiet,a treat she displayed when angry. I remember kissing them both and walking up the long driveway to the convent door;I was expected. I had an idea what to expect,the discipline,silence,obedience and prayer. I had spent weekends at the convent sampling life but nothing prepared me for that first night in my room,I cried myself to sleep,I cried so much that I couldn't cry anymore. I thought about my parents and brothers and sister,they were not happy with my decision;it would take my two brothers and one sister quite awhile to get use to what I had done and come and visit me.

The following day I sat at the side of my bed in my small room and looked out of the window onto the street below. There was a car parked I remember and I opened my window just to get some air. Music was coming from the car,the song was 'Give a Little Respect' by 'Erasure'. My friend from university Amy, came to visit me but was not allowed to see me. She wrote a letter instead which I got three weeks later from the Mother of Novices,it was still sealed,but I was reminded that during formation I should concentrate on the life I was called to,not the one I had. I secretly wrote back to Amy,who had pleaded with me to leave the convent and go travelling with her,in my letter I told her that this was where I belonged. I got the convent gardener to post it for me,he was a kind man.

After a few weeks I was sent to another convent in the east of the country where my formation properly began. It would be sometime before I was put into a classroom but I did have the time to study for a MPhil in Irish History. I did become use to the life,one can get use to anything I guess. I was moved to three different convents during my formation,one convent was in the UK. From the time I entered the convent it was about two months before I saw my parents again. My Mum passed away first and five years later my Dad passed away,I have always felt a certain guilt because I choose a lifestyle that made them sad and it took me eighteen years to decide that it was time to move on and leave the convent life. Anyway strange how a song can trigger a memory.

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Sitting in the living room, playing games on my ipad and carching up on the tube, i was listening to master getting ready for work.
He went back upstairs and i heard a noise, a noise i dont like to hear anymore.
A drawer sliding open above me in our bedroom. A drawer that contains all our toys.
What had i done ? Why is he not using the normal Little Devil paddle, thats kept under my cushion on the settee.
He came down holding the firmidable Giant Devil. The long wooden paddle with many holes.
Why are you using that ? i asked.
Did you forget something last night ? No blowjob, no asking permission not to do it ? You know the rules, you only reread them on Monday, yet you went to bed without doing it. Get into position. Master ordered.
I knew i was in for a bad spanking, and i was not wrong.
40 terribly hard swats, hitting my sitspot, back of legs, and each cheek til it felt numb then wallop the pain hits again.
It took me a few moments to stand up once done, dying to rub my bottom.
Thank you my morning spanking Master and im sorry i forgot your blowjob, i wont forget again. I said.
And headed for my hard stool for 20 minutes contemplation time.
Later on, Master messaged me, saying thank you for the morning selfies, one of my rules for the day.
Then he said, now go and push deep heat up your bottom, and insert the large punishment plug, wear that until lunchtime. Masterbate and video it, so i can see your plug in place. Wear knickers all day, but when you go to the toilet you are not allowed to push your knickers down. Wee through your pants all day. Until bedtime. You are my slave so continue to do as you are told.
Of course i have done as i am told, the deep heat burned immediately and the plug hurt so much pushing it in, so with my very bruised cheeks, burning asshole and enormous plug shoved up, sitting is rather uncomfortable now. Im just waiting for that first wee through my knickers to make the day even better. :(

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I've typed this 4 times and lost it every time so here goes: My 40th class reunion was this passed weekend. April, a girl I haven't seen since high school chatted with me and the conversation included her saying she thought she probably needed a good spanking. I never suspected her to be a spanko and certainly didn't spank her in school. We never even dated. But she was in a green gown, white heels and no nose, and still insisted on changing before she met me in my room. When she arrived, she was wearing a Clash T-shirt, short shorts over purple tights and those ugly green boots my stepdaughter loves to wear. She had the same red hair i remembered, reminded me of the actress on Will & Grace. I won't go into my usual detail, but she was clear she wanted marks and a spanking that would keep her up all night. After using my hand and her hairbrush to tear her sit spots up, it took some work to find some switches, but we managed to find some that worked outside the hotel. Once she was out of those shorts and tights were lowered, I switched her butt and tops of her thighs until nothing was left of the switches but a mess on the carpet. She bounced from bed to bed to chair, talking non stop about ow long it had been and how she had always wanted to be spanked like that even in school. I asked if her husband wouldn't spank her and she was evasive. She said most guys don't, or give her a swat or two before they try to run a hand down her pants. I had told her that wasn't my style before we even left the ballroom. She gave me a long hug goodbye but then asked me t take a pic of the damage with her phone. I did my best and as she looked over her shoulder, she saw herself in the long mirror on the door. I'll never forget what she said .."Dayam! You striped them legs proper dintya?!" I told her I thought she'd probably sleep on her stomach tonight. She said she expected to have marks for days and was clearly pleased about it. So, I'm still on sabbatical,but one nostalgic night with an old friend was a nice way to celebrate 40 years of escape from high school. I didn't see her the next morning and must have been brain dead...didn't ask for her room number or phone. Probably just as well.

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That depends. Hmm.... making suggestions -can- be topping from the bottom.... or perhaps in this case it might be bottoming from the top, lol. I think in this case it was not topping from the bottom, which I generally consider poor form. There are exceptions. For instance, occasionally when bratting is kind of a fun game for both people, a kind of game of bluffs and challenges when the circumstance is meant to be a fun kind of playing around with a resulting stinging bottom as part of the bargain.

In the circumstance of my recent weekend spankings, surprisingly, I wasn't bratting....but exploring new things with an old friend. I think it's particularly a GOOD idea, for the sub to make suggestions when it's an appropriate point to discuss such things.... in fact when I have been the 'Top' as it were, I found it irritating when the sub couldn't express enough intelligence to participate on that level.

A meek and humble servant is a fine thing, but give me one that is intelligent enough to think on their own and I will be a far happier Mistress.

And what might surprise you more, is that said friend who was spanking the ever living hell out of my poor backside, had not ever actually spanked anyone otk before. Mind you, here's a guy that had already given me a hell of a spanking on several occasions.... and it required my 'suggestion' (read articulated consent) for him to feel comfortable violating my modesty ( grin ) to pull up my skirt , and also he wasn't quite aware of just how easy it is to pin someone with your legs while you are spanking them to get them to stay relatively still.

This is what happens when the dominant person is also your protege, lol. My suggestions seemed to do more to amplify his ability and comfort level with being in a dominant position. Very, very quickly, to the point where I was actually squirming around and quite sure that I was after all getting a -real- spanking.

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Welcome to all of my recently added friends!
I'm so excited to have had so many recent additions. As a reward I am going to start uploading some of my early films to spanking tube IN THERE ENTIRETY!
Please visit my website for the latest updates!


Heidee Nytes

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#RiseAndShine Accepting a compliment with grace is a virtue and reflects your willingness to love yourself and treat yourself with dignity and respect #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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Just looking to met people in Michigan and have some fun. Im a male age 26 looking for a female or male that would like to spank me vis vera depending on what your into. Im pretty open on the type of spanking or tools used during. I would be open to sex or oral before or after the spanking IF the person was up for that if not we can just keep it casual and spank. Send me a private message if interested and I can also prove who I am through messages. Yes I know about fetlife but figured I put a blog here as well.

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The colleges here are on mid term at the moment so I have a lovely week off. Jen had no business in the city yesterday so we stayed at home and tended to the garden and swept the leaves from my driveway. I was in the kitchen when the house phone started to ring,Jen was in the garden. I answered the phone and immediately got a fright,on the phone was Jenny's Mum,she sounded very frightened and worried. She told me that her husband,Jenny's Dad, had left their house to walk to the village to buy scones and had not returned,he had left two hours ago. I banged at the kitchen window to get Jen's attention and she came inside. I handed the phone to her and got my car keys. Jen called her Mum back on her mobile. We decided to search the area. From Jenny's parents house there is two ways her Dad could walk into the village,the first way,and shortest way,is past my house,the other way is the main road. I got into my car and Jen into hers. I searched the road past my house while Jen searched the main road. On the way I came across one of our neighbours and told him what was happening, he went directly to be with Jen's Mum and begin a search of the farm. Jen was very worried. It is a very rural area and anything can happen,especially worrying was that Jen's Dad had a heart attack three years ago and we were afraid something like that had happened again while he was walking. I drove into the village and went into the local shop,the lady in there informed me the Jen's Dad had not been in. I came outside the shop and met the owner of our local pub,I told him what was happening and he immediately called some other men and they headed towards the farm to search. Jen arrived in the village and we decided to retrace our steps. Jen informed the local garda sergeant,but being a rural station there was only him and one other garda on duty. The sergeant got in the squad car and headed for the farm to talk with Jen's Mum. Jen and I split up and drove back along the roads,heading for her parents farm.We were all very worried. Her Dad does have a mobile phone but repeated attempts to call the phone was useless,it just kept ringing.

As I drove alone the road leading to my house I kept looking in the bushes at the side of the road,fearing the worst. Suddenly my phone rang,it was my niece's boyfriend,I had forgotten all about him restoring his tractor in my barn. He asked where was I and before I could answer asked why the house was locked,that 'they' wanted to make coffee. I assumed the 'they' meant my niece and him. My niece had gone to work at the health studio where she teaches swimming. I asked had my niece come home and he replied 'not yet'. Before I could say anything more,he said that Jen's Dad needed to use the toilet too. My heart missed a beat I had driven past my house,so I turned the car around. Told him to tell Jen's Dad to cross his legs and that I needed to hang up but would be home soon. I rang Jen. Jen hit the roof and said that there was twenty five people now searching the farm land and surrounding area. The garda sergeant had called for back up from a neighbouring village,her Mum couldn't stop crying and she had rang her sister in another county and she was very worried too. I drove up the driveway to my house to see my niece's boyfriend and Jen's Dad sitting outside my house on the old bench chatting and taking in the Autumn sunshine. I told them what had happened. Now it was the turn of Jen's Dad to look worried.

A few minutes later Jen drove up the driveway at speed with her Mum in the car,they were followed by the garda sergeant in his squad car,I immediately wondered had I hidden my poitin(similar to moonshine,only nicer taste,LOL). Jen's Mum got out of the car and between Jen and her Mum poor Jenny's Dad suffered the most horrible ear bashing you have ever heard. The sergeant called off the back up and the searchers at the farm texted me and told me that all drinks were on Jen's Dad in the pub that evening.

What had happened? Well Jen's Dad did leave the house with the intention of going to the village to buy scones,but had evidently come onto my property and went to the barn knowing my niece's boyfriend was working on the tractor. His phone was in his jacket and with the noise those two were making he never heard it. Jen checked his phone and discovered the ringtone had been put on silent. Jen drove her parents home. My niece's boyfriend lost his helper and I went into the garden and sat down with a nice cup of tea . When Jen returned I asked her was everything okay? She told me her Mum has refused to make her Dad's dinner and threw a tea towel at him,she left them to it and would check back later on to see that her Mum hadn't kill her Dad. Jen and I cuddled in the beautiful Autumn sunshine and enjoyed our tea. Panic over!

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I put the add about outside play. And got this letter:
Role play "Indians and their slaves"
We have bondage gear that we have developed over time by trial and error. Ropes tighten and cut off circulation so we use modified leather belts or cloth belts. They do not tighten and do not leave any marks or rope burns. We have a number of "toys" that we use along with what nature provides. A broken stick pulled gently over the skin is very effective, as well as a thin wood stick for a switch. A leather boot lace tied to a stick makes a nice whip. Two small stones work well for pinching the skin of the cock and balls, and a sharpened stick is great for light jabbing. A piece of metal warmed in a fire only until it is uncomfortably warm makes a "branding iron. For this and other things involving heat we control it by checking it on ourselves first to make sure it is not too hot and causes a burn. Safety first always!!! Tied spread eagle between two trees and slowly raising a bowl of hot water, (Again uncomfortably warm and not hot enough to cause harm.) up under the cock and balls makes any man captive struggle to save his tender flesh even before it touches him. Always a fun one to perform and watch the result. With the hands tied to a tree limb over the head the captive will always try to pull away trying to save himself. It is hopeless but it is what the body naturally does when it sees it is about to be tortured. Then it will instantly start twisting, dancing, and kicking the legs in response to the pain even though it is harmless. All of these were used by the Indians on captives and can be easily controlled. Unlike when the Indians were torturing their captives, we are in it just for the fun and excitement of it, and to learn just a tiny bit of what it was like to be both the Indians who enjoyed performing the tortures, and the captives who died some of the most horrible slow and painful deaths that I can imagine. Most of their methods we can only talk about, which is by itself a turn-on, especially around the fire before we start the nights amusement. (For instance; A young white woman slave tried to escape from the Indians in West PA and was caught a few miles away. She was brought back to the town and stripped naked then tied spread eagle between trees and burnt with smoldering sticks all over her body. Then she was skinned alive by being burned with fire a little at a time and the blistered skin scraped off with sharp flint. When this was finished she was still alive and conscious but certainly dying. To finish her torture she was tied spread eagle to a frame of poles and roasted to death over a bed of coals. The witness that recorded this said the warriors tortured her for over ten hours. Many more men were tortured by the Indians than women, but when the opportunity arose the warriors did not pass up a chance to rape and torture a woman just to watch her naked body fighting in fear, writhing in pain, and listening to her screams.) For torture we have staked each other out on the ground, between two trees, and with our hands over our head. There are methods we want to try such as being tortured at the stake but you need at least two "Indians" and a "captive" to make it work right. S/M play is fun as you know.'
Really like this idea and like to do movie about this play!

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Everyone thinks you sleep so peacefully.
To those around you seem so carefree.
Living life and play the so called game.
On and on, day by day it's always the same.
Pressure mounts, they think you handle it well.
No one knows, no one can tell.

Late at night when you close those eyes.
Like a coma paralysed, nothing but anguished cries.
Powerless as the storm builds and continues to rage.
You can read and read, yet cannot turn the page.
Another dream turns to nightmare, still helpless to stop it all.
Monsters come out from the bed, demons from the wall.

As foreign as it is, the nightmare slowly replaces your life.
Peace, love and happiness all but forgotten in the strife.
Your opponent strengthens, no longer restricted to those hours of rest.
From your mind it spreads like a sick fog, headed for your beating chest.
Slowly you awaken, cold and damp in a world filled with despair.
Transported to their realm, no one said demons fight fair.

The struggles in ones life, they say you can't outrun the past.
Things happen, but yet not happening too fast.
Stop to take a moment and realize all you have.
Let the tears you shed over my lap be your healing salve.
Together we will fight these demons one swat at a time.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine, life will be sublime.

Dana Kane Spanks