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I live with my friend now. Long ass story.. IAM ok will still be blogging.. don't want y'all to worry...

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Where did he get it? Neither of us wear one!

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Well i have had orders flooding in, Hotredglow your bike is ready and light sabre (was a bugger to make but i got there), so how you going to pay? Lotus the benches are coming along fine, just sorting the padding out.
So happy days here, thanks Infinity for the kind offer to help out with the problems at the school but i would be totally crap at it. Mr Frisky has come back slightly stoned after finding all the catnip in JJs garden. He is now half asleep and listening to Grateful Dead on vinyl.
So i better get cracking on and get some pics up of these benches.

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Twas the night before classes
And all through the city
Not a creature was stirring
Not even us brats
The paddles were here hanging
On the wall with care
In hopes that Missy
Would soon be there

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A lot of people have the same questions resurface throughout their growth and development in this lifestyle. Why would I want this? Is this "normal"?

For me, having my significant other step up and lead the relationship is imperative. I realize not everyone functions that way and excuse me if I don't address female led relationships or many of the other avenues in this multifaceted lifestyle, as this is entirely based on my needs, my wants and expectations from my partner.

Often, we women read about men who are "man enough" to stand up to their wives, and care about them, to protect their relationship, and to lead. We read about being dominated and many of us think, "Wow, that sounds kind of hot!" We read about men who have no problem taking their girls over their knees and showing them who's boss, setting limits within the relationship to preserve roles, respect, safety, etc. And we think..."I want that." Submission in theory and practice are two different things entirely. I have been in instances where a look from my Husband would snap me out of whatever funk I was in and then there have been times where I stood my ground on principle and needed a little bit of force to yield. There is peace in submitting to the man you love. Knowing he is in charge and won't let things go astray makes us feel loved. Being spanked is a major display of dominance and submission.

I am a naïve person at times, a child at heart and I want nothing more than to be able to place my all in my partner. That if I step out of line, He will tell me and correct the situation. He won't do it because he's angry, but because he knows there is a better me and he'll help me achieve that and because he has high expectations and won't settle for less and because he feels our relationship is worth the effort.

I have tried the regular relationship, vanilla. It doesn't work for me. Both parties get upset, fight, bicker, belittle and no one feels respected or like their needs are being validated or feelings are being heard. I am not saying that a spanking will solve everything, or even that it should be a first resort. No, each pair can draw up their own agreement as to how they want their relationship to work. It's not fair to broad stroke.

I came across 2 lovely examples online and feel that I should share. The first is a Vanilla, or non-DD relationship.

"A woman gets into an argument with her husband. She's tired, she's cranky, and she's had a long day. She stomps her foot and slams something on the counter. His temper flares. He says some things he may or may not mean. He tells her he's had it, and he storms out of the house. She feels guilty. She feels abandoned. How could someone who loves her just leave like that? He doesn't have to leave the house to have the same effect. Maybe he's cold to her, or won't talk to her. She still has that feeling of being disconnected, abandoned, even unloved. As time goes on...and it could be hours, or longer...she realizes she's behaved terribly, and she feels guilty. She also feels hurt. What an awful end to an awful day. He comes home and they may or may not make up, but there's a bridge between the two of them. She still feels guilty."

And now the DD side of things.
"A woman gets into an argument with her husband. She's tired, she's cranky, and she's had an awful day. She finally says something nasty and maybe in a fit of anger she stomps her foot, or slams something on the counter. He calmly and deliberately takes her by the arm, hauls her over his lap, and spanks her soundly. She feels the fight go out of her and has no choice but to submit. She feels humbled. When the fight is no longer in her anymore, he holds her. He tells her he forgives her and loves her. Maybe she feels something in her give way, and she cries. She feels forgiven. She knows he loves her enough to stop the fit, and to restore the peace in their relationship. Later, she thinks about how strong and masculine her husband was, and she realizes not only does she have a new-found respect, but she also finds his manliness more attractive."  

The best thing about this type of male-led relationship that I miss....It makes me feel extremely intune to my femininity. I feel a deep bond and trust in my partner, the makeup sex is phenomenal, it makes the Man feel more in control and respected...I could go on. For a time I felt ashamed that I wanted this. Why did I want it?
Well, why do I have to analyze this??? If it's not hurting anything or anyone, except my bottom obviously, then why not? If it brings a harmony to me as a person and to my relationship and ultimately the home, why the heck not??? And I had to learn the hard way that I can't introduce this into someone else's life. Because they weren't familiar with it and didn't understand, they viewed me as less. They thought I was into something sado-sensual and that's not the case for my situation. I never, and I mean NEVER, mix discipline and sex. The bond is intimate, but I need clearly defined lines. I need to be able to know that there are boundaries and borders and if I cross them, there will be consistency met with love and correction for whatever the infraction was. I have found in my 10 plus years of research that if you mix sex with discipline you encourage a phenomenon known as "Bratting". Bratting is where a woman, or sub in general, will act up to receive attention. The Top or Dominant in the relationship has reinforced that the only way to get this sought after attention is to misbehave. I also learned that if someone thinks less of you for a need you have, they are not the one for you. Simple as that.

I desire being taken in hand because I want to feel loved, not because I want to be punished. Those who dominate seek to protect and care for their submissive partner, even when that protection means to protect us from ourselves. I want that intimate connection.

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Inspired by the Steve McQueen movie, I've decided to do a 69 Charger model build (technically, the one in the movie was a 68, close enough). I'm sure I'll get around to the McQueen Mustang, but am starting with the Charger first. Everyone remembers the movie...

If you're too young to remember, Netflix it.

Generally heralded as the first movie to devote significant screen time to the now obligatory car chase scene, it raised the bar and set the blueprint for those that followed. McQueen did all his own driving and both the Charger and the Mustang caught significant air (see photo) while filming on location on the streets of San Francisco.

Check out my photo gallery titled: 69 Charger build if interested.

also related, see my blog (page 23) for: MOPAR man

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Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that my big brother has grounded me until Saturday from stube. Please, if you see me online before then message him (txmxk) and I will get another spanking on top of the one I'm already in for.
My tree house is open to you all but please don't allow Missy's boy inside. Have fun brats driving all the Dom's crazy.

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Well Missy finally let's me out of my cage and tells me to have fun for awhile. Maybe she shouldn't have said that lol. I was walking up the hill from the bought me a pack of smokes and stumbled on a bottle of Yaeger. My lucky day he he. So I walk up the hill sit under tree and have a smoke and start drinking. I hope Missy or no one else sees me. Happy days finally :).

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I can't ...yes you can there's no one else and it's only for a few hours!
I kept looking at the photocopier and every so often a beep would go of..why are you flashing Konica Minolta copy machine? I lifted the lid...No Ditz No! I hear you cry! Inside was a sheet of paper with a post it note stuck in the middle...saying
250 Xa4 original format both sides....it looked like architectural drawings of a street, anyway I thought..I can do this for him..and said a little fuckit and pressed 250 aaaaand go!
The machined whirred into action and started churning out the copies chickenchick chickenchick....that's the noise of a photo copier in case you're wondering ...lovely I'll go make a coffee. 10mins later I return to have a peep at my handy work...and went round to the end of the machine and picked up a copy....and there! there smack in the middle of the drawings was a blank white square. Same size as a post it note! I tried stopping the machine by pressing all the buttons as you do in a blind panic but no it kept churning out one after the other over and over, in the end after a few swift kicks to its plastic rear, I unplugged it! With my hand on my forehead I just walked up and down a few times ..repeating, what was it? Oh yeah, FUCK IT, FUCK IT. I sat at the desk with my head in my hands thinking this is big..that's a whole job I've messed up because couldn't keep my hands to myself. Plus I forgot to take the post it off before pressing go.
Now everyone will have the 'ump with me...and I'll probably get a spanking cos no doubt Mark will offer to pay for it. They were the ones that called me Ditzy. Why didn't they take the hint?

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Welcome to my house, in Spanko City.
I'm Janie. I am an Erotic author and the Editor of our own Spanko City Sun Gazette.

Many of you may, already, be familiar with my blog. I'm sure I've kept plenty of you warm at night, a fact you've often shared. Lol I hope to bring my own kind of heat, to this little town. So get out your marshmallows & your weenies, I'll soon be announcing a bonfire, on my beach with a bit of swimming and naughtiness to follow. This will likely take place this week.

The pool house will accommodate any tops, who want to privately address behavior issues. There will be no bedlam on the beach. Fire, sun and spanking... Sounds HOT to me. Who wants to come, heat up a summer night? Tops and bottoms welcome. Comment below to be added to my guest list.
Warmest wishes

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Today is perfect. The sun is shining and I'm down by the beach.i took some horses up to the mountains to ride. That was fun.but it's that what life is about. There are some people that just watch the day go by. My daily qoute is "life is all about perfect days. You just need to make it happen." Til next time take care. Love u all.

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Hey guys, look what I made... haha... I build myself a nice tree house in my aunt's backyard. Yay! Her boys helped me but they are not allowed to go there. It's for me and my friends only! All the brats are invited to come and hide from your nasty, evil Doms! I have cupcakes and lemonade, candy and big soft pillows to sit on for our sore bums :)
They can't get us! We pull in the rope and that's it! haha!

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I been looking for a dominant female who is willing to do a spanking session if anyone is out there please get back to me

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Hallo, hat jemand Lust sich hier auszutauschen?

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I have been left in charge of my brother-in-laws print shop!(with plenty of warnings..should i fuck up!)
Touch nothing he said...just answer the phone....
Pray for me people pray for me lol.

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A Grumpy Morning.

Oh I feel in a crappy grumpy mood today, as usual caused by tiredness, the last 2 nights I’ve been up at 2 am. Not good for me.

It started last night, at 8.45 pm, I headed up to bed, G went up first. As I tidied up the bedroom, ready for bed. I then heard the shower going.
“I was getting a shower. “ I said. “Well I need to give my piercings a relief with the shower.” He was already naked and going in.
“But I won’t have time after and my rings need a shower massage.” I said. He ignored me and went in.
Now I know, he comes first, he’s my Master, but when I have a set bedtime, which he’s very strict on, I felt it was unfair to jump in first.
I went into the bedroom, put the TV on, and waited until I could use the bathroom. At just after 9 pm he finished, before getting out, he turned the water temperature up and said “There you are.” I stroppily said, “I don’t have time now do I. “ “Oh so you don’t want it, I will turn the water off then. “ He said.
I had taken my clothes off and then headed to the bathroom for a quick stand up wash. Once finished, still pissed off, I went to his office, gave him a quick kiss then got into bed. It was 9.15 pm. I started to watch one of my favourite shows, Vanderpump Rules and my head went around in circles, Miss Sensible said to just watch until 10 pm, like I should but Miss Stroppy was saying, well it’s not my fault I got in bed late so I will watch it until it finishes, about 10.15 pm. This went on and on whilst the time went by.
Does anyone else have this kind of feeling ?
Anyway, I turned off at 10 pm, pissed of with myself for doing as I’m told, but also pleased I’ve done the right thing. The consequences just weren’t worth staying up late.

Today I woke up at 1.50 am, fucking great. I tried snoozing on the settee but no look.
By the rime G got up, I felt knackered and in no mood for pleasantries with G, I know he hates me taking my tiredness out on him, it’s my problem, I should have had an afternoon snooze. But you can’t if you're out, and you can’t if you have chores to do.
When he told me to get on the floor ready for my spanking, he asked what time I got up, I told him, and he said “Oh that’s why I woke up every hour then, coz you weren’t in bed. I feel shattered.” I looked at him, and felt very close to snapping and being really horrible, I wanted to say, try being awake from 2 am every night, then you will know what tiredness really was. But I kept my mouth shut.
I have a feeling he suspected I was holding back, as the crop swished across my butt much harder, whipping through the air as the tongue stung my cheeks. And I was struggling to stay still after 20 swots.
I moodily said thank you then went to do the contemplation time.
As he was leaving I said, “Don’t forget I’m out tonight,” in not a very pleasant manner.
“Eerrrrmmmm what did you say ?” He said, moving the hair from my face before slapping my cheek hard. “OOWWWEEEeeee.” I shouted, glaring at him.
“Try again, respectfully.” He told me. “Don’t forget I’m out tonight,” I repeated nicely.
“Better, now get out of this mood.” I was told. “I’m just tired, “ I grumbled rubbing my cheek. “Don’t take it out on me.” He ordered before leaving for work.
I’m now trying to cheer up, I’m going to my folk’s after dropping E at work for breakfast, actually it will be a second breakfast for me as I had mine at 5 am. I hope I don’t fall asleep at the theatre tonight, I will try to get a snooze later but I’ve still got the sketch to draw. So we will see.

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Je prends mon dernier rêve.
Face à la mer
C'est toi qui résistes;
Face contre terre
Ton nom sur la liste.
De tout ton être,
Cité à comparaître

Marked Butts