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Justin's laughed at James, as he joked about the evenings possibilities.

“How hard???” Her fingers went to the front of his pants. “You'll soon see, won't ya, now?”
James was already stiffening, but it would be
awhile, before he was ready for any of that. He had other plans in store, for Miss Justina, and she was as game as he was, at least right now, she was. He wondered where her line would be. He'd punished her before, and she'd taken it in stride. How would she handle the birching and the paddle? He withdrew a few sticks from the bundle…. Let's start with a switching, he thought.

“Come here, Beauty, dance with me.” James held her, gently, kissed her and nuzzled her neck and ear, using his breath, to bring shivers to her spine. He felt her generous, but shapely behind. He squeezed it, hand on skin. Her panties were tiny in comparison to her full hips.
He loved how they jiggled, when they were hit.
He wondered how her thick thighs would handle the switch. He wanted her to dance, but a different step, than the one they were sharing now, but one must be civil with a friend. He would have liked to pull her straight to the bench, but he'd give her a few minutes to settle in.

Justina was a lovely girl. She'd held his interest, because though she could be submissive, she was also strong. It was an odd juxtaposition, her absolute self sufficiency and confidence on one side and her ability to just set aside her choices and bend to his will, on the other. She was smart, too, though not well educated. She'd been forced from school, at fourteen to tend to the family, when her Mother died. She read voraciously, which made her a wonderful companion. She could converse, in almost any subject, without seeming foolish, even one she knew nothing about. He did admire her, in many ways. It was precisely why he wanted to try to define her limits. He needed to find her vulnerability. Even in her submission, thus far, she seemed in control, and he just couldn't abide that. He needed to feel he had taken the upper hand, not just that she let him have it, for a time. He wanted to grab it from her and see her acknowledge it. Tonight, he'd find what was behind her playful eyes.

“Shall we begin, ‘Tina? I've cleared the desk. I want you to bend over it, holding on to the edge on the other side. I know it's a stretch, but I want your on your tippy toes. Try not to have them leave the floor. If you come out of position, your return at once. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” She bent, seductively, over the desk,
glancing back with a sly smile. She loved to play with Mr. King, he didn't talk down to her and he was one of the few men, she truly respected. He wasn't a liar, or a pretender. He was, as he appeared to be, a resident of the top of the food chain.

James took the two birch switches in his hand, and approached her lovely bottom. Bent over, like this, he could see her femininity glisten with her juices. His palm was rough. He prided himself on his physical prowess. He would never tolerate weakness, in himself. Though he could distance himself, from any physical labor associated with his commercial development firm, he instead found, he liked to keep his hand in the work. His calloused fingers danced over her skin.

His hand was barely lifted from her thigh, when he delivered ten, very quick and wicked lashes.
The branches tore their way through her pale flesh. She yelped, out of surprise, as the devilish duo striped both her bottom and her thighs. She took them gracefully, though he knew they pained her. There ware angry red lines across her butt and legs… Two for every stroke. Let's progress he thought. He took the birch bundle. They were notoriously painful.

Justina was waiting, she knew it was coming. She'd as much as dared him, to play rough and she was ready. It wasn't so much that she liked pain, it was that she transcended it. It took her to a different place. It made her feel things that nothing else could bring out of her. She knew he was testing her. She wanted to know herself, how much could she take? She had a safe word. She could stop it, if she needed to, but she'd never used it, not even once. Would he make her say, “Uncle”?

James took the bundle of long whip-like branches. They must be over two feet long and began thrashing her. They dragged over her Ivory skin like paint brushes, leaving behind a tail of fuscia. Her complexion brought out such amazing color!! She wasn't screaming, but she was definitely moving, and her breath was fast and loud. From one toe, to the other, her weight shifted as the birch struck again and again. Her whole bottom rippled as she wiggled and jiggled to the beat of the birch. At last, dozens of strokes later, she was twisting, and her calves were bending up, as he hit her. Her bottom and legs looks like she'd been scratched by a band of wild cats. He had not warmed her up first, purposely. He wanted her to feel every lick, of every switch. He knew it was hurting, as the new strikes crisscrossed, the last. He was beginning to hear mewing sounds, sneak out of her mouth. Ahhh, now we're getting somewhere!

He did not stop just yet, not to allow her to catch her breast and not to rub or sooth her. He changed sides and deliver about dose of that bitter medicine. He was really putting his arm into it. Her torso began to rise up, and he warned her. “Back into position!!”

“Ye-yes, Sir.”, Justina’s voice was catching in her throat. She was holding back the tears. I will not cry, she told herself. There were so many points of pain and heat!! She struggled to shift away, from the strike, but it caught her and wrapped around her hip. Some of the branches were breaking and they were sharp and were catching her, between her cheeks and legs. The sting like crazy, then the pain grew and the skin blistered. Oh, okay, okay. She heard the sounds of breath, turn to sobs, and felt the tears well in her eyes. James heard them too, and he was very thrilled. His own heart raced and his breath was ragged. His cock was huge.

He stopped, to admire his work. He felt her smoldering skin. The welts were amazing, like a work of modern art striping the pale pallet. There were hundreds of lines twisting and stretching across the expanse of her derriere. Her thighs were battered too. Mr. Stern's paddle would top, even this. She had no idea that this was only the warm up.

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My husband is traveling for work this week and I really miss him. I sorta got a wee bit bratty during our FaceTime chat this evening so now I'm writing lines until he can get home to spank

Spanking Teen Brandi
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To all that have messaged me, be patient! I've been swamped with messages and I'm slowly getting to them! Reminder that if you just say hello I'm not likely to respond. If you have a conversation I'm more than willing to respond!

If you're waiting for a response from me, feel free to comment here or resend your last message.

Miss Sephie

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I just like to say that i have the most wonderful friends on this site. I hope one day that i can be over someones knee for a spanking.

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A few friends have mentioned that they can't find me on FetLife. I'm there but for some reason I'm not showing up when people search for me. If you send me your name I'll look you up and friend you. Sorry about the trouble. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone.

Spanking Teen Brandi
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Sure could use a real good spanking today.. get rid of this stress... Lord give me strength

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I am still searching for a Sir,but I need to get to know someone first.That someone needs to have certain 'qualities'. The following is what I am looking for in a Sir;

Not married or in a relationship with someone,(would not like to do the dirty on another girl).

Age.Someone mature,aged over 40 at least who has a bit of life experience.Been with a few guys my own age and they just want to mess around,not into that.

Someone who is interested in directing me on the straight and narrow,tell me the error of my ways and is good at scolding,words are very important and turn me on.

Not interested in someone who wants to have sex,just here for the spanking;at least for the time being.

Someone who would be willing to travel to the greater London area.

Looks don't really bother me,I like people for who they are inside,although I am not into these muscle bound guys who think they are God's gift to women.Macho doesn't do it for me,I like someone with a brain!lol.

Someone who is calm and pleasant to be with,someone who has a great sense of humour because I might say the wrong thing sometimes,LMAO!,which is frequent.

If you are interested then message me or respond to my diary entry..

Oh Sir,are you out there?

PS, a non smoker! I don't like smoking.

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She was a seamstress, living in Paris and around 1920 she decided to create erotic lingerie which was sold via the company she and her husband had started: La Lingerie Moderne, their only rival was the Diana Slip Lingerie Company, owned by Leon Vidal.

Who was she? There are numerous photos to be found of Nativa Richard,, posing in lingerie, being a model and muse for her husband, or perhaps even more for her own ideas? Who knows, the fact is their is nearly no info to be found on the web that tells a bit more about Nativa. Her true name might have been Natyva, for which Yva was used to create her husbands name as photographer.
She herself used pseudonyms like Helios and MissMilado.

More photos can be found in my albums. At my website Vintage Fetish & Fashion you can discover more about her, see more photos, also other photos from her husband.

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new blog feature: totally off topic, where I subject you, the reader, to whatever is rolling around in my head at the time.

today's off topic: Angus Young - the ultimate wind up toy

10 things you may not know, or care to know, about Angus Young and AC/DC

1) Angus is a teetotaler, never imbibes alcohol
2) Angus worked as a Janitor for a while
3) AC/DC's first strongholds in America were Jacksonville FL and Columbus OH
4) older brother Malcolm, when forming the band, scratched his initial choice of a piano player and inserted Angus as lead guitar (smart move)
5) the band claims their name, and signature lightning bolt, came from the side of a sewing machine while some Christian groups have said that AC/DC stands for "anti-Christ / devil's crusade"
6) Angus first learned to play on a banjo
7) Angus quit school at the age of 14yrs/9mths - the legal age for children to work in Australia
8) Van Halen and Foreigner both refused to let AC/DC open for them for fear the band would "blow them out of the water"
9) Angus' net worth? Forbes says 140 million
10) Rolling Stone magazine's ranking of Angus in the top 100 guitar players of all time - #24

In my rock and roll days, when out at a bar, at least once a night someone would come up to me and say: "Dude, you look just like Angus Young." I have to admit, there was a resemblance (It was a hair thing). Now, I'm most often mistaken for Antonio Banderas (still a hair thing)

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Hey everyone! Just checking in and I first want to say that communication video by Cleo divine and iron hand was the business! thankyou 2 for your contributions to ST! As you all may know, I am in my last 2 weeks of grad school, so I deleted all my videos off the site, I might add them back and I may not. Anything I ad will have to be private though!

I really miss ST, and many other aspects of the dd lifestyle, but whether I am in an active DD lifestyle or not I will always be dd. I am so glad I am almost done with my first Master’s degree! Because I really haven’t had a life, since grad school started or school period for that manner, because I have been in school for 6 years straight! But I remain encouraged. I wrote a paper on the domestic disciplined lifestyle, when I was an undergraduate student, and got an B, on the paper.

I remember my teacher, stating it was an interesting take on abusive relationships that woman continue to stay in. I was like what? Did you or did you not read the full paper? Anyways…, it’s amazing how people will assume they know what your lifestyle is about! What I hate the most, is guys that think girls are freaky because they are a spanko. Whether I am or not, has nothing to do with me being a spanko!

I think people that judge the most, are just ignorant people with low self-esteem, trying to build their selves up, by putting you down! I have been up for 2 days straight working on assignments and presentations for school lol, but tonight I am going to take a sleeping pill, because this is ridiculous! Someone asked me if I role play. The answer to that question is no. I don’t role-play, I don’t fake cry, or beg and say please, and I don’t talk like a baby, all that bs is a turn off to me, because I am a grown woman, and My dd lifestyle is very real, when it is active lol.

I don’t see any purpose in talking like a baby, because I am getting spanked, and I hate to see that, it is so stupid to me! Lol. I don’t know if I am going to post any videos any time to soon, but if I do, I would have to be very discreet, because I don’t want anything to affect my future career goals, and So, I must think about that with every choice I make, from now on. I probably will be deleting my pictures as well, but until that time comes, enjoy the contributions I have made to ST, and stay tuned for whatever I may contribute in the future.

Also, my son is on this site now, and I asked him to go somewhere else, but since he won’t, I will probably not post anything public, unless I do it privately. I am registered to 1 other spanking site, but I don’t really like it, so I’m never there lol. I have been thinking about making my own spanking website, in addition to sailing my videos on clip4sale sites. I think if I sell my own videos, without the third party, I could make more money, but no worries, this degree will get meal the money I need eventually!

Random thoughts….

A person’s life-style defines who they are, but should never be mistaken for a flaw, especially if it is something that holds true to what they believe in…unless of course it is used to hurt someone else. There are aspects of the dd lifestyle I still tend to struggle with. I don’t like the fact, some men see dd to control someone or build up their ego. What I mean is some of these tops, love to control, but not lead by example. How can you take someone like that seriously?

If your disciplinarian is not consistent, or cares about the things that are important to you or hurt you, how can they expect you to respect them? In any relationship, there must be honesty, consideration, care and empathy for your partner’s situation, and not just your own. The thing I see a lot now is people misunderstanding what the dd lifestyle is about. Some people just like giving up that control, and need an authority figure in their lives. Just because they live a dd life-style, doesn’t mean, they like getting spanked all the time, but if the person that disciplines you, cares about your needs, and your feelings, then hold on to that person, because spankos are a minority in my opinion, but there are more of us, then people think! Anyway, time to get some sleep, take care yal, and happy spanks!

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What did she do, what has she done?
Plays her pranks, she's on the run.
One in a million, not even close.
Back for the belt, for another dose.

Running and running, always out of reach.
Naughty little lass, using slanderous speech.
Flashing skin, garters and thongs.
Back of the couch, where she belongs.

Batting those eyes, pouting that lip.
Knocks over your drink, watches it drip.
Around her finger, thinks your hooked.
Six of the best with a cane that's crooked.

Attention span almost nonexistent.
Patience hardly a virtue, always inconsistent.
No matter the times you try to warn her.
Always ends up spanked and in the corner.

Spanking Teen Brandi
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While Dylan and Evan put the ladies through their paces, the Kings held court, in their suite.
The brothers were alike in some ways, but very different in others. James was lighter hearted, while David was a serious sort of man. He was the older of the two, and the power had passed from his Father to him.

While James, was relatively faithful to his wife, Sandra. He defined cheating as vaginal intercourse, so that left a lot of options on the table, and he certainly enjoyed spanking a beautiful bottom!
He had chosen a rather stunning redhead to entertain him. Her name was Justine. She was naturally curvy, with a plump bottom and large perky breasts. She had the most beautiful nipples, such a pale shade of pink, about the size of a silver dollar and puffy. He loved the way her pale skin colored, with every beat of his hand. He'd spanked her frequently, since she entered Raven's stable, at just twenty two. She enjoyed playing a naughty little girl and James enjoyed playing her Stern Daddy.

David and his wife were estranged, for quite some time. She had been out of the country, for nearly two years, working through a gallery near Paris. She was one of several artists, restoring and cataloging religious murals, during an architectural restoration of a chapel. She gave little thought to her daughter, and less to David, these days. He felt free, to do as he wished, but not every girl was his ideal mate. He'd been bedding Raven, rather secretly, for some time. Now, her daughter would marry his nephew. He thought, maybe once Janie was married to Evan, perhaps he would chance a serious relationship, once again. Thank goodness they'd had a prenuptial arrangement, but after 16 years of marriage, she would walk away with a hefty sum. He was a wealthy man, though, and it didn't bother him. He didn't even resent her, really. He could have kept her at home, but they'd grown apart, and she'd grown up. She was only seventeen when they married and he was very controlling, in those early days. She'd been unhappy and he felt he owed her a chance to be happy and free. Their Fathers had arranged their marriage, when they were in high school. Neither had been given a choice, and it was not the best match. The Lodge had changed their methods more recently, in the hopes, that the couples that were matched had a real chance at love. Though she'd left, she did not take their daughter, Janie. She knew how much he treasured her, and Janie was always a Daddy's girl.

Mistress Raven would be arriving shortly, at his request. She was to all others, who knew her, a dominant. She submitted only to David, who knew that it was her great gift to him. He did love her, for all of the facets of her personality. He'd seen her bring tough men to their knees, but with him, and only him, she showed another, softer side. She could take a great deal of punishment with grace, and still be so alluring, that he could take her again and again. No other woman had pulled such passion from him. He'd been a very mature young man, level headed and hard working. He'd gone to college and law school, while starting his marriage. His family was very successful, but he'd grown their wealth and influence, far beyond his father's reach. He was the head of the King Empire and the Lodge. He was known as the Dragon King.

As David prepared the master bedroom, in the suite, James prepared the bench and selected his toys in the library. There was a hallway between them with pocket doors so they'd have their privacy. He'd instructed Justine to wear stockings and garters, high heels and pretty lingerie. James liked that look and he'd already begun to feel hard, just thinking about getting his hands on her. Tonight he wanted to try something new. She was going to be off for a week, so she'd told James they could play rough, because she wouldn't be entertaining any other gentlemen this week. It was an exciting prospect, so he'd chosen things that could really mark her well. She could take everything, he had ever given her. He wanted to find that line… Where she broke. He'd never came close, not even tears. She came from off a farm, in the Isle of Man. The girls came from all over the world. She had done everything on the land, which her Dad and brothers fished at dawn. She'd raised her little sister Sybil, who was back at home and her brother Earl. Hey two older brothers were out at Sea with her Father, leaving all the farming, cooking, washing, and the kiddies to her care. When Raven have her the chance to leave, she was packed and ready to go before lunch.

He had a bundle of birch branches, gathered into a handle. Let's see if she could handle this, aloing with his other devious devices! He turned on the fireplace and took off his shirt and shoes, and fixed them drinks. He lit some candles and put some music on. He knew they would both enjoy the night, but he was going to teach Justine, that she was not as tough as she thought. He opened his briefcase and removed a paddle that Gregory Stern had custom made.
It was something! It was an elongated paddle, containing metal plates. They were each separated by leather and double stitching. Hole were bored through the leather for maximum impact. Stern had said that it had a devastating blow. James couldn't wait to try it out!! David wanted to try it too. They would be trading implements and the girls would be feeling it for days!

Justine arrived, and James showed her into the
study. He kissed each cheek and welcomed her, with her usual Vodka and Tonic. They always had a flirtatious banter, between them. She could barely contain her smile. She tried to hide it behind her pretty pink lips. Her very dark blue eyes sparkled, and her freckled nose crinkled, when she laughed. She wore navy blue panties and bra with delicate lace trim, a garter, pretty silk stockings with sexy seams up the back and strappy heels. She had an hourglass figure, but her bust and hips were not petite. She was like a bombshell. James motioned for her to turn around. Her long red ponytail took flight as she spun, teasing James.

“Are you being a naughty girl, already?
Perhaps you need a spanking straight away, is that it, Justine? Are you wanting a spanking?”

“No, Sir. I'm just playing with you.”

“Oh, darling, we're going to play… Hard!”

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First things first I hate rain.... Makes me depressed and more lonely then I already am.... Sitting alone. Listening to the rainwater makes me want to cuddle so bad but I have no one. To cuddle with... Makes me want to cry. But what will crying do not a dam thing. Today a friend Died in front of me... Had a heart attack... Couldn't do anything to save him ... It sucks so today is a fucked up... Missing my Sir also.. sorry for cussing but. At this time I don't care punish me if u must.... Sad eyes.... I give up.....

Spanking Teen Brandi
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I’ve had so many epiphanies the last few hours that my head could burst—realizations about myself, and about life, stemming from a sea change in circumstance, not a happy change, but something deeply sad and inevitable.

I’ve written here in the past about my long-distance girlfriend Shanna. For over a year now, I’ve spent hours on the phone with her, virtually every night, usually late, after my wife has gone to bed. Some of my friends—both online and RL friends—have expressed concern that I was playing with fire, putting my marriage at risk for someone I’ve never even met. I’ve heard their concerns and appreciated their advice, but for the most part dismissed it, because one thing Shanna never wanted to do was fuck up my marriage. For people who don’t know her, it would be easy to make assumptions and ascribe worse motives. But I know her, and I know that, even though we were pushing the limits in some ways, she has no intention of being a homewrecker.

Even so, I had become a bright spot in her life. She’s embroiled in some personal and financial circumstances that leave her deeply unhappy, but with few options. Consequently, our nightly talks developed into something all the more for her to relish. But it wasn’t just her, it was me, for I relished our time together as well. She coaxed me out of the shadows to seek spanking in real life. She inspired me to tackle the novel I’ve long wanted to write. She listened patiently and talked me through the angst of deciding to retire. More times than I can count, she’s been a voice of caution or encouragement, helping me navigate through the spanking scene. Always, she was there for me, with advice and support I could lean on.

I want to be there for her, too. But the other night, it hit me like a slap in the face that, no matter what, this relationship has only two likely outcomes. I came to realize how much of a toll this is taking on me, the long, sleepless nights in a surreal world with a voice on the phone were sapping me physically while feelings that I was neglecting my wife were gnawing at me. I knew I couldn’t sustain this indefinitely. Even though I want so much to be there for Shanna, I know eventually I’ll disappoint her. Either that, or my wife would finally catch on to what I was doing. Both possibilities are unconscionable.

So, I dropped that bomb on my wonderful friend Shanna, leaving her to face the untenable issues in her life without the support of our nightly talks, and I feel utterly depressed and dismal.

And yet, life goes on. A text from a friend, an opportunity presents itself, and though you might prefer to hide in the dark, you still carry forth.

Last night, I had the most amazing experience. My friend AikiCarol and I went to a downtown bar to participate in a stage show of performance artists. When we mounted the stage, it was announced that we would be reading some poetry. Most of the audience moved away from the stage and clustered into little conversational groups. They didn’t seem very interested. I did a little juggling act as part of a skit with Carol to lead into the poetry, and only a couple of people seemed to even notice. But as I began to recite, people stopped talking to listen and they began to move back to the stage. Very soon, I had the room. I could feel it.

Carol read the second poem—one from my book, a sarcastic piece equating guns with penises—and when she finished, I told the audience that a woman with an attitude like that deserved a good spanking. I egged them on a bit, saying, “So what do you think, should I spank her?”

A few began to chant, “Spank her! Spank her! Spank her!” and then I recited a spanking poem while I pulled Carol over my knee swatted her on the seat of her jeans.

I finished with a couple of political parodies…to a rapt audience, I might add. And when it was over, I even sold a few of my books. Damn! BTW—I set up a camera to record this. Haven’t looked at it yet. The room was very dark so the video will be poor quality. Depending on how it looks, I may post the spanking portion of it, probably privately, since it shows our faces.

And I want everyone to know this much. Even though I’ve performed at countless open-mic and feature readings and won a couple of poetry slams, this little confluence of spice and vanilla would never have come to pass if my sweet friend Shanna hadn’t pushed me a year ago to get my feet wet in the scene and experience spanking in real life.

And did I say I’d had some epiphanies? Okay, here’s one…

(Bear with me. My mind works in curious ways sometimes.)

I found myself fascinated with the facial expressions of some of the other performance artists at the show. It struck me how deeply immersed they were into their roles. Right then, right there, this was their purpose in life—to assume a persona and give heart and soul to the act. Their musical training, their moments of inspiration, their efforts and practice, everything that put them on the path to be right there, right then, culminated in that very moment on stage. This fleeting instant was the very thing they lived for.

I’m reluctant to speak of divine purpose. All too often, people who presume to speak for God leave me cold. But I think that if there is a personal god who takes an interest in our lives, he must surely be concerned with how we treat one another. And maybe, just maybe, our purpose in life is merely to help each other.

Help might come in the form of physical necessity, matters of survival, but life is about more than mere survival. It’s also about happiness and satisfaction and fulfillment. Maybe, just maybe, when a performer mounts the stage to give you a moment of laughter or joy, then he is fulfilling his purpose in life, in helping you to be happy, even if only for the duration of the show.

What if, on that final day of accountability, you were asked not only whether you sinned or accepted the right god, but also whether you did what you could just to make other people happy?

And then, too, I realize that even though you’d strive to make others happy, when you wade into the river the current carries you willy-nilly to a distant spot on the bank, perhaps round some bend, to a place you couldn’t even see.

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Hello everyone -- I am quite approachable and try to be friendly. Friend requests are welcome. However, if you don't include a message, and then I look at your profile and there's virtually nothing on it, not even a photo, then I'm afraid I cannot accept.

You don't have to write a novel, but please do take a moment to let us know who you are. Thanks!

Spanking Teen Brandi
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I put a video up here some days ago
Still not online. Is this common?

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So I need some advice for a punishment.
A long distance sub has recently turned down a work project that not only could have given her really good money (thousands of dollars, low balling it, for a few days work) it also could have brought her more projects that would have paid well.
She doesn't work, has most of her day free but not all day. She's relatively new so I wouldn't want to push too hard but for passing up this opportunity out of sheer laziness warrants a pretty severe punishment.
She's normally a very good girl who can be stubborn but is never hateful. She already realizes how bad she's messed up and already got a hard spanking from it, but this is too big for just one session (I also don't want to drag it out too long, best to move on). I might not use them all but I'll consider any and all punishments especially if they relate back to dealing with her lack of motivation and maturity. And keep in mind all punishments are ones she can do to herself.
Thank you

Whipped Ass