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i wanna say ty to all for ur comments on my blog n in my messages... as I said.. i cant say what is goin on as its not my place but it IS over n I'm ok with it.... i had said somethin to him before that if somethin along this line ( of what took place) happened i would back off n get lost n not look back because it is the proper thing to do.......i did not have to call it off because he handled that.... i see he still hasn't deleted his profile yet as he said he was goin to so if u see this Poppy.........know i DO understand n i wish u the best *tight hugs*

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Well today turned out to be a total shit day. Ive had my car for about a year and a half and within the last 9months it's been hit twice!!! Today I was side swiped by someone who tried passing me on the right hand side on a one lane rd. I'm probably going to have to get my entire passenger side door panel and fender replaced and I am so frustrated! Last time I was hit my whole back fender and bumper had to be taken off buffed out painted and put back. It took eleven days to fix and was a major pain in the ass, and not the way I like. Thankfully no one else was in the car with me and everything still operates its just mostly cosmetic. When speaking with my husband he was not upset just happy everyone was alright and of course that it was not my fault. However in the process of me calling our insurance company and completing all the formalities I spent a few times on the phone with him and was particularly short tempered. Once or twice I found myself raising my voice with him and telling him he wasn't being very sympathetic to my situation. Needless to say he wasn't too pleased that I was taking my stress out on him so he calmly said that I would not receive a punishment spanking this evening as he doesn't feel I did anything wrong other than taking some of my stress out on him. He understands and feels that I have every right to be upset but thinks I need a better outlet therefore I should expect to receive a spanking tonight after he gets home. He stated that it wont be as severe as our normal punishment spankings but severe enough to help me deal with the stress of today, but definitely not a play spanking. I am actually looking forward to it because it is much needed and he doesn't deserve to be my target of emotional instability at this time. After all he didn't hit my car.

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I know I need it

Good Spanking
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I guess it's time to show a few of my "kinks" that my Wife and I so enjoy. Here's a set of spanking photos in which she first tied me to bed. It's 1 of my 2 favorite positions! I love OTK, being held tight and locked down, and I love being tied down. I enjoy bondage, for both spankings and any kind of sex.

My Wife is the one who picks the paddles for all my spankings. In this photo set she uses a Ping Pong Paddle and several different Hairbrushes. OMG! Those hairbrush pack a sting, and sting is what my butt craves! I'm glad she didn't use the Lexan paddle! I wouldn't have lasted!

If you haven't guessed yet, when my Wife and I "play" around... She's the Dom. and loves it! I'm the Sub. and I love it! I'm thinking of just posting a little set of us being kinky and messing around, probably not a lot of spanking stuff though. Thoughts and comments always welcome!

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Tonight's recipe: Pesto Trapanese with shrimp.

My poor darling wife. You’ve had a bad day. Someone dented your car door in the parking lot. Boss barked at you. You had to skip lunch because of that fucking asshole boss … it was his screw-up, not yours. You really got fucked on that one. Men can be such dicks. You need something good in your belly.

You walk in the front door, grumbling. Slam it shut behind you. I bounce in, smiling. "How was your day, Hon?" I say, stupidly. Look! You plop down a shopping bag. Looks like it's from Victoria's Secrete...all pink and frilly! Oh Boy!

You are an Amazon. That’s what attracted me to you in the first place. You clump upstairs to take a shower. You look hungry … I better start cooking! That should cheer you up!

I know...comfort food. I've got a good recipe I can whip up fast. Pesto Trapanese, and I'll add some shrimp. I have to use good olive oil...not the shit you get at Costco. Something with a nutty taste. I run to the pantry.

I hear the shower turn on. Thank god….maybe that will calm you down. When you are in this mood, you are so …. what’s the right word? Primal? Huntress? Amazon? But we usually have really good sex when you are in this mood, so there’s that! I can put up a little crankiness.

I put garlic (not too much), walnuts and black pepper in a Cuisinart with a little olive oil and salt. Grind it down to a paste. A delicious, heavenly paste that you could eat with a spoon. Think "the best fucking nut butter you've ever put into your mouth".

Add a big clump of basil, Italian parsley and big hand full of spinach into the blender with about a cup of oil and salt. Blend until it has the consistency of thick cream. Add some canned tomatoes, tops cut off. Blend some more. Touch of lemon.

You come downstairs in your robe. Do I see a glimpse of dark panties? Cool, maybe I’m gettin’ some tonight. Maybe a good old-fashioned schtupping will help relax you later! Maybe your bad day at work will work out in my favor…go ahead, my lovely Amazon, release a little tension giving your boyfriend a long, sloppy blow job, then ride his dick like a bucking bronco! I like it when you’re on top, head thrown back!

Here, baby….try it. Isn’t that fucking good? Has anyone ever told you that you’ve got a great ass?

You snarl. God, men can be such dicks. You’re starving. What’s up with the chit chat, you’d like to know?

Ooh Ooh. Add quite a bit of Romano Pecorino a freaking cup. Have you tried it? Salty goat cheese. Better in cooking than Parmesan. Can you say "umami"? … reminds me of the taste of your cunt when you are sitting on my face. I order mine online from Murray’s. OK, I don't want to be cocky, but your nipples will be hard once you taste this.

Cocky? You say. Ha Ha, I say.

Once nipples are hard...Pesto is done! And my nipples are hard, thinking about that blow job! And you sitting on my face.

OK, baby... the shrimp. I'm going for crispy on the outside, but not overcooked (she hates overcooked shrimp). Lay shrimp out, make sure they are dry. Salt them. Heat a cast-iron pan up smoking hot. Lay the shrimp in the oil. A few red Chile flakes. Shrimpies are gonna get crispy on the outside, pop in the pan, salty little shrimp crisps.

That should make my Amazon Princess happy! God, you’ve got a great ass!

Squirt a little lemon on the shrimp. Done! Yup, you heard me … I said "squirt"...I bet you do, once you try this, baby!

Oh, I’m sure I’ll be squirting tonight, you say. Men can be such dicks. What does that mean?

Start the pasta. Grandma always said: “only cook pasta in water that’s as salty as seawater.” Have you ever had bocatini? Prefer linguini? Or, I can use penne...better to save the bocatini for the seafood red sauce you're getting next time.

You drain your glass of wine. Wipe your lips. Belch (!?). Pour another. This looks bad. Maybe I’m not getting a blow job. You look ... I'm not sure ... what is that look? Hungry? Close, but not quite....

Drain the pasta, leave a bit of the water. Add some of the pesto sauce. Add some defrosted frozen peas...let them cook in the heat of the pasta. Why are peas the only frozen vegetable I can stand? Why do the peas suddenly look like nipples to me? Must be that robe you are wearing. I love it when the nipples peak out just a little like that. Sexiest piece of clothing ever. And do have nice....

But wait. Those aren’t panties. What is that you’re wearing? Are those metal clips? Cool…maybe we’re doing sexy kinky underwear tonight! I saw that bag you brought in! I love banging you doggy-style when you’re wearing garters. Who needs a blow job! But…those don’t look like garters ……!!

OK, where was I? Grate some more cheese on top. Lay the shrimp on top. Put a large dab of the pesto off to the side, so you can add it as you like.

I'm thinking a nice green salad on the side...simple, with tomato, basalmic, and a dab of the pesto on top. Like a nipple. Why did I just think of nipples again?? I do love me some doggy-style! My balls slapping against your ass….

You eat like a hungry tiger, smacking your lips and showing teeth. Predatory. Hunter. I love watching you eat, especially when you’re starving. Your keep your eyes locked onto mine, the whole time you are munching. Is that a smile, a smirk, or what? Wiping your mouth with the back of your wrist.

You burp. Done, you say. Not bad. I start the dishes. You get up, walk up behind me. Reach around my chest. Fingers around my nipples. Is that a BULGE under your robe? WTF? Your panties in a bunch? I ask. Mistake!

The shrimp were overcooked, you whisper in my ear. Biting the lobe.

What! No frickin’ way! I cooked those mother fuckers perfectly.

Men can be such dicks. But can they take one? You ask.

You turn me around. Your tremendous boobs pop right out of that robe. You push me forward onto the butcher block. Hand on the back of my neck. Lift my ass up by the belt. Kick the stepstool under my feet. Down come the pants. Hand on the small of my back.

You grab that large wooden spoon I use to stir big pots of Bolognese sauce. More than 12 inches long, picked it up during my trip to Argentina, it is made out of one of the hardest woods on earth, Palo Santo. That means “Holy Stick”. Why do I keep that thing so close to the butcher block?

You give me 5 hard WHACKS! on each butt cheek, arm swinging high. Blistered immediately. My legs are quivering.

Holy Stick!!

Are you tamed? You ask.

I say (idiotically): What do you mean? WTF is going on? That hurt like shit! Let me up!

Why do I keep that small wooden cutting board I use for serving salami and cheese so close to the butcher block?

Small for a cutting board, but a mighty big paddle!

You stand next to me, to my left. You put your left leg under my belly….my balls are on your knee. Give it a little rub. 7 swats, each cheek. Arm held high, down with a loud “THUD”. Each right on top of the blisters. Each lift me up on my toes on the stepstool. You explain to me with each swat: What. Do. I. Mean? This. Is. What. I. Mean. Do. No. Make. Me. Ask Again!

Are you tamed? You ask.

(Between you and me, for a brief moment, I thought about saying “no” in a quiet little voice……then changed my mind …..)

Yes! I’m tamed! Sorry about the shrimp! Sorry, sorry, sorry………never happen again (I’m hopping up and down, balls banging on your thigh).

You pat my ass. STAY THERE! You stroll back and forth, pacing. Anticipating. Come up behind me. Grab both blistered ass cheeks.

Hey! What’s going on? What is that thing? What’s that “vibrating” noise? Hey! We’ve talked about this…I’m still a virgin down there. Whaddya mean, “pop my tight little butt cherry”? Do to me what your boss did to you? Geez…was that the biggest one in the store??? Why does it have balls????? They can’t possibly serve a purpose! How about some lube? Don’t wanna bother getting it from upstairs? The olive oil’s right there! Just use the cheap Costco shit. Tabasco? No, I’m fine, no lube, thanks! I said I’m fine, thanks! Whaddaya mean your boss didn’t use any lube? Take a deep breath? Wa …. Uuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn … nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……

Relax, you say…. relax ....... release……………..I do

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Hi all,
How does the star rating work, can anyone vote as long as they are members or is just your friends?
Just a bit perplexed as to why I would have such a low rating especially when I look at some other content, could it be as a result of refusing friendships I wonder ??

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My daddy used the belt.
'Twas oftentimes I felt
thick leather's sting across my bare teen rump.
Yet it helped me grow up right,
to be righteous in God's sight.
And that is why I proudly voted Trump!

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I love spanking. I love everything about spanking. Spanking someone, someone spanking me. Spanking assignments, spanking myself. I love spanking!i

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After lecturing, punishing and pleasuring, Samantha, Mr. Stern drove her home. Not that anyone was there, but he dropped her off, up the block from her house, but it did beat the bus. She went into the dark house. She was hungry and opened the fridge - Slim pickings... An assortment of condiments, some coffee creamer, a half a head of wilted lettuce, a few stale bagels and the same take out box, that was there a week ago. There was a note from her Mom, saying she was working until 10pm and then, meeting her friends out.
Samantha couldn't get the conversation out of her head. She was legally obligated, to repay the tuition for the four semesters (she failed to maintain a B average) or become an unpaid intern.
How did she forget that?! Now, she finds out Mr. King was her sponsor. He was a huge man, built like a lumberjack. He was a serious sort of man. Janie had told her about a few of her punishments. She was, really, a little scared of what he might have in store for her. Mr. Stern had told her he'd been in touch. She checked her phone.
Oh my God!! He was taking her to the King estate next Sunday. What could she say to him?! She's better think of something! Maybe she could blame her home life. What home life?? Exactly! She felt a little better. People usually felt sorry for her. She was good at playing the victim. It was all bull, of course, she did what she wanted and she wouldn't have done any better, if her Mother was home. She passed, didn't she?! Why did they even care how she did? Janie was so trained, just like a puppy! She'd never lie, not to her precious Daddy! Samantha was an expert at tweaking the truth. She would charm Mr. King. It would be alright, she thought. Anyways, Mr. Stern had punished her enough for all of it. She'd tell Mr. King that, if she had to!!
Feeling better, she decided to go out.
She had shoplifted the stockings and garters, last week, without a hitch. She wanted a new outfit to wear on her visit to Mr. King. She'd get something sexy, short and low cut. He would love her!! She changed into baggy jeans and a big sweatshirt. She took her mother's coat. She could hide clothes under the sweatshirt and jeans. The big pockets of the coat were perfect for makeup and jewelry. She had a little money, she could buy something small, to throw the sales people off & still have money for a snack.... Thanks to her stipend, she thought, laughing! Maybe Mr. King would pay her, for interning. She wouldn't mind playing with him. She had a good body and she was pretty enough. Yes, everything would work out, she thought with a smile. She found a little money on her Mom's dresser and tucked it in her purse. Leave it and lose it!! Her Mother never called her out, on it. She didn't want to fight and Samantha would never admit to it.

Samantha went into a very nice boutique. They had private dressing rooms and usually only one girl working, at night. She found a great black skirt and midriff top. She had a stack of clothes on her arm, she added them, but left the hangers buried in the rack. That's how you get caught she thought. They found empty hangers in the dressing room. She was sly.
She waited until the girl was helping a customer and then went into the dressing room. She tried on the black skirt. It was perfect! Shortish and pleated, it resembled her uniform, only hotter. The top was a loose knit that you could see through. She had a pretty black bra to wear under it. It showed her belly button piercing. It scooped low. It looked like it laced up, with a satin ribbon, but it was just decorative. It looked like lingerie, almost. She was happy to find just the right look. Mr. King's eyes would pop when he got a load of her! She wasn't a girl anymore. She was a woman. I bet he knew how to make a woman come, she thought. His white was away. If he slept with her, she could threaten to tell his wife. She had no intention of working for free. If he was nice to her, though, she might stick around.
Maybe he'd take it in business trips... Ask over the world! She'd take his arm. She imagined how jealous her friends would be. She'd have to keep it from Janie of course. This would all work out. She aired her Mr. Stern but she had to fix this problem with Mr. King. Now, HE had real money!!
She left the dressing area, her jeans and sweatshirt, covering up the black outfit. She handed the other clothes to the girl. "No, nothing was right for my interview, she told her."
She picked up a cheap pair of earrings on a clearance rack and placed them in the counter. As the girl turned, she grabbed a very pretty ring, from a display on the counter and dropped it into her pocket. She paid for the earrings and left. She was looking up the street for someplace to eat. A hand grabbed her shoulder and another her arm. "Store security, you'll have to cut with me until an officer arrives."
"No, no, no, let go of me!" This wasn't happening. How could they know... The ring!!! It was an impulsive thing taking it in plain sight.
"What do you mean? Oh my gosh, the ring!! I forgot I tried it on. She pushed it in her finger in her pocket. Here, take it or I'll pay for it", hoping she had enough!
"I'm sorry Miss, I've already made the call. You can explain to them. He led her through the store to the back."
"I'm a minor, you know. I'll say you grabbed me." He pointed to the cameras. Everything was being recorded. She wasn't a minor anymore, but it was with a try. What was she going to do? Her Mother had no money. She barely made the bills.

It was nearly midnight. Stern finished another evaluation. He was calling it a night. The phone rang. "What, the devil?"
He looked at the caller ID. "Samantha? How dare she!" He answered and heard a hysterical Samantha crying, she'd been arrested for stealing from La Femme Boutique. She wanted him to help. She was being arraigned in the morning. Would he come out get her a lawyer?
He told her he'd do what he could.

She had a lawyer alright... Mr. King. Oh her have to notify him. Ironically, he was part owner of that boutique, or rather it was one of his wife's old projects. He was still an owner though someone else ran it. Stern sent a carefully worded text message to David King, explaining the circumstances of Samantha's arrest. He didn't dare call him at midnight. He could call him if he was still up.

David was working late. He made a meeting in town. He'd be leaving the Lakehouse, early to head home. Janie would remain. He was quite sure he'd left her with a sore enough bottom to keep her out of trouble at least for a few days. He'd raised a few blisters, with that whipping and he didn't regret it.
He tucked her in, with some cool cream, and observed her bottom. He'd given her a good tann IMG. Her fanny and legs were thoroughly punished. He'd been too soft on her, in the past. He wasn't playing, anymore. If he had to, he'd whip her ass, every time, he came to the Lakehouse. He'd have Evan whip her, while he was gone. She wasn't going to behave that way, under his roof, by God If she wanted him to send her to college, she'd straighten up or she'd be at home, another year. There was a big trust fund set up, but it wasn't hers, until he said it was hers. It was revocable...his to give and his to take away. She wouldn't be foolish enough to walk away from it and he wasn't going to give her a cent, until she did what he wanted.
He heard the message come in. Who was texting so late? He read the message, and he was furious. Now she was robbing him?
He texted back." Leave her in jail. I'm coming to town in the morning. I can drop the charge and get her out. I'll call the judge in the morning, but they'll hold her, until I sign for her. Call her mother and tell her she gotten herself into some trouble, or leave a message. She won't be home for a few days. I'm taking her to the estate. I can't believe this little ungrateful snipe. It's high time, I put the fear of God into her. "

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I hate young don't know what the fuck they are doing or talking about DD. Ok now I have taken a deep breath... Now let's move on. Ty wow. Not trying to disrespect the good younger DD in any way...

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for the record.. Poppy n I r no longer an item.......yeah I know... up n down ... its not my place to say why but its not because things weren't good tween us...but I will say its a personal matter on his end...he had told me he had ( but I guess hadn't yet) deleted his profile here......this information wont effect anyone here but I just wanted to let yas know...

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My new cage has arrived today. Box looks very big, hope its something we can pack away and hide without notice.
Wonder what the dogs will think when im stuck inside a cage and theyre sat out looking in. Lol.
I hope master was joking bout drinking and eating outta a bowl tho.

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Implement forged in Hell
Bringing fire to my ass
Though hubby wields
The Red Leather Paddle
The Devil's Hand
Return to Hell

Spanked to tears
Again and again
My greatest sin

Both get his belt
Disrespect...always gets
The Red Leather Paddle

Disrespect...hubby hates the most
Disrespect...the Devil's Hand loves hard to fight
Sitting...What's that?
I already forgot!

I tried to hide it
Hubby said get the cable
I quickly found it
Cursing the Devil
He who made it...
Cursing myself
Since I destroyed...
The wooden paddle...
Which hurt much less!

As long as hubby spanks
Using The Red Leather Paddle
Forged in the fires below
The flames will rise
My skin will glow...
Burning up...
Hot to the touch

Running and hiding
Screaming and crying
The Devil's Hand
Will always find me!

[I will insert a picture of that horribly painful red paddle eventually...]

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Ok maybe a little why u may ask. Hmmmm. Well one cause I can and because it gets Me attention... Most of the time. I have been this way for year's. No braty I doesn't mean disrespectful it's just Being a brat. Big difference. Rolling eyes, arms. Crossed, stomp foot type of stuff. I guess u can say it's mostly a in fun. Unless I am mad or pissed off..ya then my mouth may take over.... Witch is. Not my fault... Honest.....

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(this contains spoilers)

50 Shades of Grey was a huge box-office hit but we don’t have to allow its sequel, “50 Shades Darker” to be profitable. Mostly panned by critics, I was not expecting much when I sat down in the theatre to watch “Grey.” I had not read the books but had heard they were poorly written to the tune of a literary soap opera. I will say the acting was better than I had expected. However, the writing was much, much worse than my worst fears.

Let’s cut to the chase here- I know you’re wondering. Yes, I am a kinky person. I’ve been “out” for a while. Like gay people, I encourage all kinky people to “come out” so eventually the public stigma of being kinky is lessened. And this is why I feel compelled to rebut the insulting stereotypes in this movie. If 50 Shades of Grey was a movie about race, it would be Birth of a Nation. If it was about gender, it would be Goldfinger. It was clearly written by an author who is not kinky and knows next to nothing about real-life kinky people, and it stars an actor who looks down upon the whole lifestyle (Jamie Donan said he had to take a shower after filming some of the scenes because he felt dirty).

Unfortunately the whole 50 Shades franchise perpetuates the following offensive stereotypes and essentially amounts to a celebration of conversion therapy for kinky people.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kinkiness is caused by Child Abuse

50 Shades’ main protagonist Christian Grey, discusses his childhood by telling his desired submissive love interest, Anastasia Steele, that his mother was a prostitute and he suffered serious physical abuse at the hands of her pimp prior to the age of 4, when he was rescued by his adopted parents. Grey later reveals that he had a relationship with a friend of his mother’s when he was 14, which is otherwise known as statutory rape. Clearly, these are intended to be “reason” for Grey’s sexual proclivities. People used to think (some still do) that child abuse is what causes homosexuality. Like homosexuality, kinkiness is an orientation. It’s just what some people like, and its not caused by childhood trauma.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kinky people can’t have real relationships

Grey in getting to know Steele, says that he doesn’t date, isn’t a “chocolates and flowers” type of guy, and won’t even allow Steele to sleep in his bed. At her insistence, he modifies some of this over time, but the message is clear- he is kinky and as such, he can’t open his heart to any woman. Skipping ahead to the end of the book trilogy, the series concludes with Grey and Steele falling in love and raising a family, but only after Grey abandones kink and discovers his love of vanilla sex. This is bullshit and tells audiences that kinkiness is a disorder that can be cured by conversion therapy. In fact, studies show that kinky people are actually more mentally healthy than “vanilla” people. Any implication to the contrary is misinformed, prejudicial, and deeply insulting, and the fact that it portrays kink as something to be cured would be considered rightfully unacceptable in media if it were for gay people. We cannot tolerate this.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kink is the only domain of wealthy, isolated eccentrics

Another thing that bothered me about 50 Shades is that Grey is the only kinky person portrayed on screen. He is an eccentric billionaire who has few friends, but oodles of money to spend on an elaborate “red room,” his decked-out sexual torture chamber. The mere possibility that there might be normal everyday people who are into kink is ignored, as is the possibility that he could even be a part of a community, or that he at least could go online ( to meet someone who shares his tastes. According to 50 Shades, that is an impossibility, as kinksters only exist in the form of Christian Grey, and they are so rare that grey is forced to hit on a journalist who interviews him in order to find one. However, a recent study found that 65% of women and 53% of men living in Quebec wanted to be sexually dominated and 47% of women and 60% of men wanted to dominate sexually.


So while 50 Shades has brought kinkiness into the mainstream conversation, and some people hate it for the wrong reasons, it is unfortunate that this movie will serve as so many people’s first exposure to kink. Misinformation and damaging stereotypes will be the lasting legacy of this movie. With the recent legal and cultural successes of the gay rights movement, kinkiness remains one of the few sexual orientations that is still acceptable to denigrate and lampoon in popular culture. Sadly, 50 Shades is responsible for more of the same in that regard, and everybody in this community should refuse to give this movie their money. It’s time to take a stand.

Good Spanking
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Spank me make sure the tension fo away make me beg for more make raise my ass up as my face is down in pillow. Make me scream make me want more beg plead make me thank you make me be good. Teach me a lesson. Yes please!!!!!! Paddle my ass make it red. Leave welts Leave bruises please I beg u.... Help me release all the. Stuff that's bad in my heart and soul...... Please I beg u.... !!!! That's what every submissive...says. To the DD in the world.....!!!!! Kneels. Looking down. Arms behind back... Please Sir punish me...

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Hello friends!

My latest spanking romance is available starting today through Blushing Books. I hope you give it a look!

Featuring M/F erotic and disciplinary spanking romance, it's called Gabby's Secret:

Also check out last month's release, Lucky In Love:

Thanks for checking them out!

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All new hand tawsing video has been uploaded..

Pupil received 24 strokes of Lochgelly Tawse...
12 for giving school and bad name...

Another 12 for stealing !!

Enjoy !!

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You know your husband has worked your body over well when you are physically and mentally exhausted the next day. Although last night was an amazing experience I am worried that if I don't find some motivation soon to get off my butt and get things done that I will find myself in a very sorry position this evening. I would hate to ruin last nights experience with today's misdemeanors. Suggestions?

Spanking Sorority Girls