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Hello Ladies, I have been fascinated with spanking as a playful form of erotica for a long time and have experimented with it in a previous relationship. I am middle aged, educated and successful. I am looking for females in my area to help me explore the possibilities. Would you like to join me in my quest?

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Well early morning today for me and it is not an good early morning for me neither my butt is still throbbing with pain from the ass whooping I received last night I know what I did will never ever happen again. Sore ass and tears but in the end im thankful that I have a caring disciplinarian that loves me enough to comfort me and tends to me after the ass whooping is over. Hope everyone has a wonderful day today I think im coming down with something might be getting sick but I hope its nothing serious.

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Views: 43 · Added: 12 hours ago

Looking for girls/women that wouldn't mind either chatting with me or getting mentored by me. I have yahoo IM if they want to chat there.

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Views: 61 · Added: 14 hours ago

Can someone tell me how to deal with the dread. Those of you that are living this lifestyle know what i mean. Man because my stomach is hurting me right now. Friday is not gonna be a good day for me. I don't know what to do about it. I feel sick. MAYBE I NEED TO SPANK SOMEONE TO GET RID OF IT. I AM learning how to BE A DOMINATRIX.

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Jen and I made it to Co.Galway and had a fantastic weekend with my friend Amy and her partner.Jen even left me drive her car for part of the journey,we covered ground a bit more quickly.I even got to eat my sandwiches!

So there I was last Saturday night,the worse the wear from drink,in a crowded pub when whom should I see bending over a table shouting to be heard over the noise in the pub but Jenny.I could not resist it.I moved quickly towards her hoping she would not turn around. I felt my palm open and a little flutter inside. It was a surreal moment,I felt focused,as if there was no one else in the pub;I was just completely focused on Jen's bum.Once close enough I let loose,one hard smack,the sound of which travelled around the pub.A male voice shouted,"bullseye" and there was a chorus of male voices cheering. I even heard someone say,"she has a sexy arse!",now whether this was directed at me or Jen I do not know. Jen spun around,and instead of berating me came closer and we kissed,our fellow Bacchanalians cheered and this guy asked me if I would like to dance,I declined his offer fearing where his hands might end up. His friend asked Jen if she would like a drink but she told him she was not drinking tonight,she really wasn't,she is preparing to run the Cork City Marathon in a months time or so.

Sunday morning everyone was hung over. Of the ten people staying in the house Jen was the only sober person. She sickened us all when she came into the kitchen on Sunday morning and said she was going for a run along the beach and enquired if anyone wanted to come. Our friend Rachel ran from the room and just made it to the bathroom in time to vomit. Jen went for her run and Amy and I went into the garden with glasses of water and sat in silence,both of us pledging never to let alcohol pass our lips again; well until next weekend at least.I decided to check on my niece and the phone was answered by my sister in law,who proceeded to tell me that my niece had stayed out until around 1am in the morning,and my brother had to go and look for her. I was livid.When Jen and I reached home yesterday my niece and I had a very serious chat about what had happened and next weekend she will be staying in,not her choice.

Today I was driving through the village when I saw her boyfriend.I stopped my car but he ran off.I saw where he went and cut him off by the stone bridge,the only way he could escape was to jump in the stream.He decided the best option was to hear me out,very wise. He has been told not to contact my niece for two weeks,as she is grounded ,and this weekend she will be busy on Jenny's parents farm,furthermore I have confiscated her smart phone so any texts he sends I will be reading. He was left in no doubt what will happen to him if he should come to my house,besides me attacking him,Jenny will turn all Ninja ! My niece is grounded for two weeks,some might think it is a bit steep,but she has her final school examinations coming up in late May/early June. Her phone will be returned to her in two weeks;in the meantime I will be answering her calls and allowing her to speak with friends on the phone only in my presence.This evening her boyfriend rang her and hung up when he heard my voice.Seems I need another chat with Prince Charming! However all in all the weekend was really great.Looking forward to June when Amy comes to stay for two whole weeks,some party then!

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Views: 67 · Added: 19 hours ago

I’ve visited my disciplinarian this afternoon and got my naughty list cleared. Now I can’t decide which one was more painful : wooden spatula or the belt … Either way, I’m gonna hate wooden seats tomorrow.
I can't help but wonder though, what other spankees think : which is worse for you, wooden spatula or belt ?

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Views: 51 · Added: 20 hours ago

ty for the kind words n thoughts, don't bother to comment on this blog cause I wont b back to see it anyhow........hope life brings ya all peace love n happiness.

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Sat April 19, 2014

This morning Mistress asks to read my diary, I go to my night stand and hand her the book. My Mistress then sits on the bed and reads my entries noticing that I have not written in my diary for 4 days. I am required to make a daily entry noting any naughty or sexual thoughts I may have had that day. I have been slacking as she has not been asking to read my journal very often recently. I nervously stand in the bedroom knowing I’m going to get punished. Mistress asks me to explain the missing entries and I do not have an answer. I have been writing 2 and 3 entries at once and getting away with it for weeks. I’m wearing a black skirt and a white T-shirt with white socks when I’m told to approach her. She opens the draw to her night stand and takes out her wooden hairbrush. I turn red as I'll told to get over her knee. My skirt is raised, my panties are pulled down quickly and the hairbrush connects before I get a chance to ready myself. I squeal and wriggle on her lab, I want to bring my hands up to cover my bottom but the hairbrush is coming down so fast I know my hands will get whacked. The first few minutes are so uncomfortable I can hardly stand it. I continue to wriggle and squirm until my butt is hot enough that I stop fighting and can finally take the spanking. But, as soon as I relax over her knee the spanking stops! I’m stood up with tears in my eyes and told tomorrow, I will get 6 strokes of the cane for each day I missed in my diary.

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Views: 77 · Added: 23 hours ago

yes im unhappy and depressed because i look on here and see everyone happy because they get to live out their dreams and fantasies , and me im just a shy person who doesnt step outside the box or go off the path and never amount to anything , i guess nice quite guys do finish last , so im thinking about quitting but not for sure yet i dont even know what i am i like women i get excited when i see them naked but also i like panties and dream of a strapon being used on me but i also get excited when i see other guys in panties and start to think so i think i might be bi so im so confused on everything

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Views: 53 · Added: 1 days ago

Hope everybody has a great day and please, remember to do your part to take care of Mother Earth. C

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Views: 48 · Added: 1 days ago

My husband has told me to share a new game he has me playing with in line masters and mistress'. It's called spanking pool. What I have to do is play a decided number of games of pool by myself. the punishment per miss is determined by the person I'm playing for prior to the game. So far all of my masters and mistress' have set the punishment between 5 and 25 strokes per miss. An addition to the punishment with one particular master is the addition of having to insert billiard balls into my anus, by setting them up on a shot glass and then sitting on them until my anus relaxes and accepts the insertion of the ball. This is also set by the number of misses, and has ranged from 1 to 3 balls. I am sent to the garage to give myself the strokes with a packing board on my bare bottom, with the decided number of balls inserted deeply into my anus. I have taken 2 balls several times, but have yet to be able to take 3, though I have tried a few times. My hubby also convinced one master to up the stakes, and at the number of misses where a third ball would be used, it has been changed to a beer can. I have tried that once and wasn't able to take the can, but I'm told we will continue trying. For the readers not sure of what I'm taking about i'll explain one of my last games I played. The instructions from my master were 20 strokes per miss, 1 ball at 6 misses, and 2 balls at 8 misses, the beer can at 12 misses. I missed 9 times. So I had to sit on the 8 ball until my butt swallowed up the ball, then the 9 ball until y butt swallowed up the ball. With both balls inserted deeply into my anus I went out to the garage naked, leaned over the freezer and gave myself 180 hard strokes on my bare bottom with the packing board. Even though I was crying buy the 27th stroke, I continued spanking myself just as hard until I'd completed the task I'd been given. Once finished, I go back into the house and talk to my master, who instructs me to push the billiard balls out of my anus ( I always cum while doing that) and he then decides if we're finished or I'll play another game. Hope u all enjoyed. xoxo

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Views: 89 · Added: 1 days ago

I have a girlfriend that did 2 years in prison for pretty much stealing a house! it was a nice house though. long story short I ended up taking care of her children for a couple of years, which was hard for me at the time because I was going through my chemo.

Anyways...she said that when she was in prison she saw this black chick spanking a big booty white girl otk style in their cell! I'm still trying to grasp the fact that people live this lifestyle even in Prison! not only that but they were an interracial lesbian dd couple......AWESOME!!!!!

P.S while trying to quit smoking I discovered that apple slices and turtles the candy are great together! lol

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Views: 41 · Added: 1 days ago

Sweet is pleasure after pain.


I find this statement very true. In any type of pain, pleasure can be found in the end.
Have a good day everybody.
Got a lot to get done today.
Work, physical therapy, workout, and housework.
I've learned if I stay busy and productive, I don't go crazy. lol

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she watches Him as He strips, smiling at His sexy body. she feels herself getting wet by just looking at Him. He walks to the bathroom, leaving the door open and turns the shower on. she starts to reach her hand up to her bottom, watching Him to make sure He wasn't watching. she rubs the sit spots, helping the cream rub in as He steps into the shower. As the shower steams up and He can't see, she rubs it in more, making sure to leave enough so that He can't tell that she did it.
As He gets into the shower, He peeks a look at her, seeing her rubbing. He smiles and steps on it, deciding that she is gonna get by with it this time because He is ready to make love to her once He gets out of the shower. He laughs at Himself, taking a shower, just to get dirty again. But He wants to be nice and clean for her. Then T/they can take another shower together. He finishes His shower and gets out quietly, watching her.
She doesn't hear Him getting out of the shower as she has started touching herself, making herself even wetter. He tiptoes over to her, and swats her legs and she jumps.
"I thought I said no touching baby?" He says to her laughing, going over and helping her rub the cream into her bottom.
she gasp, not knowing she had been caught until then. "i am sorry baby, I just wanted to hurry the cream up, was getting turned on..."
He smiles "As I want it to hurry up too, I am ready to make love to my loving, caring, obedient wife." He says to her, rubbing the last of the cream in.
she smiles back to Him "And I want to make love with my wonderful, loving, caring husband."

The End.

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Views: 71 · Added: 1 days ago

That dude is seriously crazy. I get out of church last night and there's20 text from him.
1. Whatchu doin?
2. Hello!!!
3. Answer me now
4. You mad at me?
5. Why ain't you answerin me.
6. I'm take a shower and then I'm come over.
7. Jo, if you're seeing somebody else, just say so, it don't matter either way.
8. Fine Ill just delete your number.
------- etc etc etc
I finally answer him and tell him I was in church.
He texted back calling me a Pentecostal trick.
Then he shows up after I snap on him acting even crazier. WHY WHY WHY. So he had to go bye-bye.

I can't figure this out.

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Views: 80 · Added: 1 days ago

UGH...The worst part of an ass whooping is the waiting even though you know when its still stressful. I think some disciplinarians do that on purpose just to make you suffer...Its almost as worse as the ass whooping itself. Yea I put up an vid its an older vid that was on my disciplinarians page before he made his new so I decided to post it.

The next one wont be a vid reason being its more on a personal level Yea I do share some stuff on Stube about my personal life but if its way personal then I don't. Plus the severity of it I don't want to post on here cuz I don't no how I will react (yea it was that bad). But other than that had a wonderful weekend and holiday hope everyone had one as well.

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He watches her, as the crying starts to shake her whole body. He continues to watch her, and sees that her legs are about to give out on her. He jumps up and catches her before she hits the floor.

"Baby, I think the rest of this punishment will be done with you laying over some pillows." He says to her, picking her into His arms. He lays her on the bed, then places the pillows in the middle of the bed. Tapping her side to motivate her, she moves over the pillows.

"Now baby, I am gonna take your panties down. We are gonna go with the same rotation. Be My good girl and stay in position and it will all be done soon." He tells her as He rubs her back

she nods her head, the crying starting to lessen as He talks. she knows the tears will be back soon, but is grateful for His loving touches and caring as He speaks to her.

He stands up, and starts rubbing her bottom, her wencing as He does. He leans over and kisses her cheek and then starts laying into her bottom. He decides to do half the licks of the spanking over the panties, but gives them twice as hard. He lays 50 to each cheek, making sure He gets the sit spots well.

"Okay lil one, the hand spanking is over." He tells her as she starts crying softly again. He gets the lotion and applies it to her bottom again, as is His routine when doing a bare bottom spanking. He picks up his belt and runs it across her bottom and the back of her legs, making her shiver.

"Only 25 this time My girl. I don't have to remind you what will happen if you jump or move during this, do I?"

"No Sir, Your girl will be good." she says weakly.

He runs the belt across her bottom once more and starts laying the stripes across. He runs them from the middle of her bottom, all the way down to her mid calf, zoning in on the sit spots. She slightly moves on the licks to her legs, trying her best not to move. He lays the last stripe across her bottom and she sobs loudly, grabbing another pillow to stifle her cries into.

"Baby, it's half way over. Please don't start crying that hard yet...." He begs her, knowing that she is taking this punishment well, but to the heart totally. He repeats the lotion and lays His head on her back, rubbing her back, letting her calm down some. She starts calming down, feeling His love for her.

she turns her head to Him, "Your girl is ready to continue."

He sits up, nodding, and kisses her shoulders. "Thank you baby for being such a good girl. Only 5 with the cane and W/we will have that part over with." He picks up the cane and taps her bottom, "Are you ready?"

she nods her head, not able to talk as a sob gets stuck in her throat. she buries her head in the pillow again, and with each sting of the cane, she gasp. He lays three straight across and makes an X with the last two. As He lays the X, she bites into the pillow, refusing to cry out loud. He throws the cane to the side and picks her up into His arms, holding her tight.

"Baby, you have had enough. For being such a good girl, I will not be giving you the spoon anymore tonight. I am so sorry I had to punish you lil one, but I had to get the point of not laying out of work into your thick, lovely skull." He says into her hair, rocking her.

She breaks down into a full on cry, soaking his shirt as she cries. She throws her arms around his neck, snuggling under His chin.

"Baby, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry! Please forgive me for laying out of work! I will be a good girl and never do it again!" She snubs out. "I will not even stay out of work when I am sick anymore, just please never spank me like that ever again!"

He smiles to her, "Baby, I am sorry that I had to spank you like that. It hurts me to see you in pain like that, but you and I both know that you deserved every lick you got." He lays her on her stomach, putting a heavy dose of cream on her bottom, letting it soak in. "Now, I am gonna go take a shower while that cream soaks all the way in. I expect you to lay there and let it soak it without messing with it."

"Yes Sir." she said to him smiling. "Thank You Love for this."

"you are very welcome My sweet girl. I love you and I will always care enough to correct you." He says as He strips in front of her.

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Views: 97 · Added: 1 days ago

just shoot me now n get it over with.............

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Views: 56 · Added: 1 days ago

As He opened the door, He smiled at her, seeing her standing where He told her to. He walks over to her, and pats her already sore bottom.

"That's a good lil girl. Dressed and ready for her man." He leans over and kisses her cheek. "Now, come and lay over the end of the bed young lady"

She looks to him, tears already forming on her lashes, "Baby, i am SOOOO sorry for laying out of work! Please, don't spank me anymore! i promise i will not lay out of work anymore, ever again!"

He shakes His head, "Sorry is not good enough young lady. you know My rules about work. Now, get into position before I add more to your punishment."

She sighs, laying over the end of their bed. He walks over and starts rubbing her back and bottom, feeling the heat He has already put into her bottom. "Now, we are going to have a session over the panties, then a session on the bare. I will start with my hand, then to the bath brush, followed by the belt, then the cane, and last the wooden spoon. If you move out of position, the whole spanking will start over, am I understood?"

She gulps as she says "Yes Sir." knowing she has no other choice. He rubs her bottom one more time before He starts peppering her bottom with his hand. He lays around 100 to her bottom, feeling the heat rise as her bottom becomes a darker shade of pink. He leans down and lays two kisses to her bottom and picks up the belt. He lays 50 stripes across her bottom and she jumps a lil with each smack.

"I saw those jumps missy. You will be getting 5 extra swats to the back of your legs with the cane for them, and if there is anymore jumps, I will take the panties down early and rub some nettles on your bottom." He tells her as He picks up the cane. "You are going to receive 15 stripes with the cane. Stand still young lady."

He taps her bottom, and she tightens her bottom. He lays the first few lines on her bottom, then lays one of her legs. She pushes her legs out and He smiles, glad that she reacted the way He wanted her to. He continues the pattern, a few on her bottom, then one across her legs. She has started crying lightly, knowing she has earned ever lick that He gives her.

As He lays the last stripe across her legs, she sobs loudly and He leans over and hugs her. "Baby girl, I know those hurt. I am proud of you for taking them like a champ." He lays the cane down and picks up the spoon. "Now, spread your legs wide lil one and get ready for the spoon. There will be 60 of these. 20 to each cheek and 10 to the inside of each leg. Hold your position and these will go by fast."

she nods and He starts laying the swats to her bottom and legs. She grabs the covers, holding on tightly so that she doesn't break position. He lays the last four hard, one to each butt cheek and one to each leg. she gasps loud and buries her face into the covers. He lays the spoon down, and goes and gets the lotion, to apply to His marks as she lays on the bed still. she grits her teeth as He rubs the lotion on, knowing that He does it out of love and care for her skin.

He picks her up, sets her on her feet and takes her face into His hands and kisses her tenderly. "You have done good lil one. Now go to the corner, hands on your head until I ask you to come back to Me." She waddles carefully to the corner and places her hands on her head, tears falling down her cheeks with shame of doing wrong.

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hi spanko world, i was wondering if any one of you on the site ever found a chance to talk to another member. i haven't found any friends to chat with and get to know as a pen-pal. isn't any body interested?

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